Turkish social fabric roundup. AKP’s most ambitious social engineering project starts with the new education system while “bedroom watch” continues…

 Also this article has a very timely content: Leman, Penguen or Uykusuz: Turkey’s comic books vs. Erdogan from cafebabel.com by Marie Jackson Utter the names of these satirical comic magazines in the presence of any Turk, and their eyes will light up with recognition. Yet these publications are a serious thorn in the side of the government. Despite … Read more

In the mean time, Turkey’s telecommunications body refuses to help the court on Hrant Dink assassination and ……….

State Television, TRT, manages to ignore thousands of laborers in action in Ankara… A human rights roundup: Turkey’s telecommunications body dragging feet in Dink case by Vatan The Telecommunications Directorate has again refused a request by an Istanbul court to disclose phone records pertaining to the assassination of Hrant Dink. “A Murder with National Consent” … Read more

Leman magazine issues its 1000th issue

Popular Turkish comics magazine Leman issues its 1000th issue. A cover page collection of Leman can be found here.

Nationalist unconsciousness at work


Supposedly leftist Leman humor magazine hits at “Kurdish opening” by making word plays at the word “açılım [opening]”.

Some of the Turkish media also criticised this photo: How come statesmen crouch like that. In order to show the strength the Statemen should stand erect….

and TÜSİAD back off, as usual:

Turkish business group slams democratic initiative, divisive politics

Top officials with the country’s largest business association have criticized the failure of the government’s democratic initiative and urged cooperation.

TIMELINE: Turkey’s Kurdish initiative has faced rocky road

from Hurriyet Dailynews
The upswing in terror attacks marks a major setback for the government-led Kurdish initiative launched last year. Here are some of the key events in the initiative?s history.

Read more

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