Eurosphere agenda: “Banks fined £413m over euro rate rigging…

Banks fined £413m over euro rate rigging  BBC News | Europe | World Edition HSBC, JPMorgan and Credit Agricole fined €485m (£413m) for rigging a key interest rate between 2005 and 2008. Four EU states among world’s worst tax havens – Headline News Cyprus, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are among the 15 worst centres for … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “UK and six other nations face legal action over Volkswagen emissions…

  Volkswagen emissions: UK and six other nations face legal action  BBC News | Europe | World Edition The EU is taking legal action against the UK and six other nations for failing to take – or consider taking – action against Volkswagen. [Ticker] EU slaps €485m fine on ‘cartel’ banks – Headline News The EU … Read more

Journalism agenda: Turkey’s pro-AKP dailies are so full of shit that they cannot cover an incident that includes explosions, dead and injured citizens

These dailies are an insult to journalism. All of them either downplays or totally ignores the deadly attack at HDP rally in Diyarbakır yesterday. In journalism news: How a group of researchers tried to use social media data and algorithms to find breaking news Nieman Journalism Lab by Joseph Lichterman Shortly after 9:30 a.m. on March 12, 2014, … Read more

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