State of Education in three images…

  Turkey’s education problems revealed in OECD-wide education test PISA The results of the international PISA education test has revealed a number of education problems in Turkey, with the opposition and education experts blaming the system for the failure.

Eurosphere agenda: “Banks fined £413m over euro rate rigging…

Banks fined £413m over euro rate rigging  BBC News | Europe | World Edition HSBC, JPMorgan and Credit Agricole fined €485m (£413m) for rigging a key interest rate between 2005 and 2008. Four EU states among world’s worst tax havens – Headline News Cyprus, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are among the 15 worst centres for … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Google explains how they found with “bad ads in 2015”

How we fought bad ads in 2015  The Official Google Blog by Google Blogs When ads are good, they connect you to products or services you’re interested in and make it easier to get stuff you want. They also keep a lot of what you love about the web—like news sites or mobile apps—free. Tor is the … Read more

Turkey after US world’s second highest TV series exporter… Turkey’s energy minister: “100-200 trees shouldn’t stop Turkey’s development

Turkey world’s second highest TV series exporter after US Turkey exports TV series to over 100 nations, earning over $200 million annually 100-200 trees shouldn’t stop Turkey’s development: Energy minister Hurriyet Daily News Taner Yıldız’s words, which evoked President Erdoğan’s dismissive remarks about ‘a few trees’ during the Gezi protests, came a day after a group of … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: “Merkel possibly spied on by US…

MAIN FOCUS: Merkel possibly spied on by US | 24/10/2013 The German government has evidence that Chancellor Merkel‘s mobile phone may have been tapped by US intelligence services. Merkel complained to US President Barack Obama about the matter on Wednesday. The chancellor is only making the spying affairher business because she is personally affected now, commentators criticise, … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: Violent clashes in Greece after a left-wing musician stabbed to death.. “EU wants sanctions against Croatia

VIDEO: Death sparks violence in Greece Violent clashes have broken out in several Greek cities after a left-wing musician was stabbed to death, the suspect is a member of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn. Protesters, police clash in Greek anti-fascist demos Protesters and police clashed across Greece on Sept. 18 as thousands demonstrated against fascism following … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: Germany election updates…Link Between Economic Crisis and Suicide..”EU countries singled out for misguided healthcare budget cuts…

  The Tragic Link Between Economic Crisis and Suicide Europe’s four-year economic collapse has left an indelible scar on the continent, and the depressing data-points documenting its decline just keep rolling in. On Thursday, a Spanish suicide help-line reported that it saw a 30-percent increase in the number of calls it fielded in 2012. With … Read more

Cengiz Aktar: ?Durma yapma?, Kürt Barışı nereye, Bir mühendislik hatası daha, Banliyö trenleri

Cuma notları     ?Durma yapma?   Pazartesi Taksim meydanında AKM?ye bakarak saatlerce bekleyen ?duran adam? sanatçı Erdem Gündüz sağolsun, ortalık duruldu. Bu sivil itaatsizliğin bir ay sürmesi planlanırken, polis duran adamın çevresindeki vatandaşları gözaltına alınca eylem gece 2.30?da sona erdi. Trafik polislerinin dediği gibi ?durma yapma?! Sonra İçişleri Bakanı gözaltıların anlamsızlığını gördü. Eylem ülke sathına yayılarak … Read more

Welcome to Turkey whose citizens are the least happy among OECD nations… A Social fabric roundup…

Turks least happy among OECD nations Turkey ranks worst among 26 OECD countries with regards to people?s happiness, and is failing to. OECD slashes global growth forecasts The OECD has cut its growth forecast for Turkey from 4.1 percent to 3.1 percent along with ****************** ?Conqueror? actor snubs celebrations for Taksim park protest The lead … Read more