Cyberculture agenda: Massive raid to Dark Web…

Anonymity may encourage antisocial behavior, such as trolling, but we can also identify a noble political imperative behind the mask.

FBI Seizes Silk Road 2



Huge raid shuts 400 ‘dark net’ sites

A joint operation between Europol’s cybercrime centre and the FBI has resulted in the shutdown of a significant number of dark net sites.

Thoughts on autonomous weapons systems and meaningful human control of cyber

In cyber, borders, states, agencies – the traditional ways of organising international cooperation and communication no longer count. In cyber, everybody is a potential adversary.

Mapping virtual game geographies

New Facebook Tools Make It Easier to Fine-Tune Your News Feed

Facebook released new controls designed to give users more options for what appears in their News Feed.



Geert Lovink recently gave a speech on Franco “Bifo” Berardi’s phd thesis, which is being published by Semiotex(e) sometime next year. In the meantime, Lovink muses on Bifo’s relationship to Deleuze (particularly the “Dark Deleuze” formulated over atAnarchistWithoutContent), the collapse of the counterculture in the face of neoliberalism, the dawning of neuro-capitalism, and the persistence of resistance under a regime of depression and apparent futility. Brought here via Nettime!

Ethics of Biomedical Big Data

7 November 2014 Oxford Internet Institute

We are investigating the ethical aspects and requirements of biomedical big data to develop a European framework for the ethical use of big data in biomedical research. Researchers: Luciano Floridi, Brent Mittelstadt.

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