In the mean time, Turkish lira, stocks fall, Central Bank defiant

English: Front of 20 Turkish Lira Türkçe: 20 T...
English: Front of 20 Turkish Lira Türkçe: 20 Türk Lirası’nın ön yüzü (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Turkish Lira broke records and stock market tumbled during a live interview with the Central Bank governor


Lira, stock market plunges to record lows amid Turkish Central Bank governor?s interview

The Turkish lira freshened records and stock market tumbled during Erdem Başçı’s live interview


We will be ineligible in 2015 election, says Turkish Deputy PM

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç has said he will be among a series of high-ranking ruling party officials who will not be eligible to run for the 2015 election


Turkey?s charter commission agrees on ?republic? clause, further consensus not found

The Constitution Conciliation Commission has agreed to keep unchanged the first article of the current Constitution

Central Bank faces tough week under markets? gaze

After an exhausting week with steep slides in lira and stock markets, the Central Bank?s next step is awaited while analyts rule out a serious collapse


Economic concerns make Turks suffer, not politics

More than one in three Turks considers themselves ?suffering,? while major factors affecting their happiness levels are likely to be economic rather than political, a poll has shown.

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