Erdoğan in Germany, accuses a journalist of being an agent…

After continuously accusing German leaders, he seems to be economically so stressed that he had to and talk economics with Merkel…

Erdogan’s Charm Offensive in Germany is More Offensive Than Charm

A three-day state visit by the Turkish president was supposed to help repair relations. In just 24 hours, it has already fallen short.

Germany welcomes Turkey’s Erdogan with gritted teeth

After months of mud-slinging and spite between them, the Turkish president has landed in Germany.

Erdoğan Accuses Can Dündar at Press Conference in Germany

President Erdoğan and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel have answered the questions of journalists at their joint press conference. Police officers have forced Adil Yiğit, who wears a shirt “Freedom to journalists” written on it, out of the hall.

Berlin authorities probe Turkish spying allegations

Authorities in Berlin say they’re looking into allegations that a police officer passed information to Turkish intelligence about Turkish opposition supporters living in the German capital.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Sept. 28 to discuss ways to improve political and economic relations between the two countries.

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