"Why Washington Hates Wall Street…

SlaSlate Why Washington Hates Wall Street

An 80-year rivalry explained.
Timothy Noah

found in Obama bumper-stickers for every state project now complete

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Google's phone; Technorati's State of Blogosphere report…

Technorati’s State of The Blogosphere 2008 Is Out

By Daniel Scocco

Almost one year passed since the last State of the Blogosphere report, but the new one is finally here. Not only that, but apparently this one is bigger and more comprehensive. So big they are breaking it down in 5 parts, one released each day of this week.

state of blogosphere 2008

The first part of the report is titled “Who Are the Bloggers?”……………..

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Newsweek involved (again) in Turkish domestic politics….


After a series of hard defeats in the domestic front- in the last one, the new chief of staff seems to be taking easy for the moment and upsetting secularists for not immediately and directly acting against AKP- the dogmatically secularists are weaving their web abroad and working harder to discredit AKP in US and in Europe. Mr. Çağaptay is the embodiment of this situation- I have already criticized him several times- and now his ideas on the Erdoğan vs. Doğan Media Conglomeration are in Newsweek, a totally partisan piece. Mr. Çağaptay might be the most successful western-credited intellectual who managed to ignore any positive signs about AKP, which seems to have formed the most successful government and most powerful civilian rule since 1980 coup. Here is his piece at Newsweek: 

Newsweek Turkey’s Media War The dispute is really a political matter—yet another attempt by Erdogan and the AKP to neuter a bastion of opposition. By Soner Cagaptay…….

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"After Kemal" by Perry Anderson

From PhD Comics! VIA

Article | After Kemal by Perry Anderson

Mavi Boncuk |
After Kemal by Perry Anderson [1]

ALSO: Kemalism by Perry Anderson[1]

‘The greatest single truth to declare itself in the wake of 1989,’ J.G.A. Pocock wrote two years afterwards,

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"From'Lula' style to 'Chavez' model

although I do not agree with him totally, it has some relevance for sure:

From’Lula’ style to ‘Chavez’ model


  Six years ago Brazil held presidential elections as Turkey headed for general elections. Lula da Silva of the Workers’ Party, deemed too radical, was the favorite candidate, and the Justice and Development Party, or AKP had a similar position in Turkey. International finance actors panicked. Lula tried to convince these actors that he would not make radical changes. AKP leaders, at the same time, were trying to convince international finance actors and the outside world that their party would stick to the market dogmatism and to the system……….

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"EU Agencies – Whatever you do, we work for you Source: European Commission

EU Agencies – Whatever you do, we work for you

Source: European Commission

From Stockholm to Crete and from Lisbon to Warsaw, 29 agencies provide service, information and know-how to the people of the European Union and beyond. The agencies work within many different fields such as environment,
food safety, transportation, trade marks, education, or fundamental rights.

This brochure dedicates a page to each of the agencies, describing their work and giving contact details.

“Don’t buy exotic animal souvenirs.” In Animal souvenirs

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" Anti-Jew and anti-Muslim prejudice growing in EU

Survey: Anti-Jew and anti-Muslim prejudice growing in EU

A new poll conducted by the Pew Research Center reveals that hostile views towards Jews and Muslims are on the rise in Europe, even while fundamentalism and support for terrorism appear to be dwindling in the Muslim world.

Poland and Italy most religious in Europe, study finds

EU Politics News – theParliament.com:

A major new study on religious belief has found that rates of religiousaffiliation are highest in Poland and Italy, while France has a highpercentage of non-religious individuals.

Turkey related foundings from the survey:

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President Abdullah Gül was at Bilgi!

santralistanbul seems to be the headquarters of Istanbul 2010 organizations.  From L to R: Aydın Uğur (Rector), Kadir Topbaş (Mayor of Istanbul), Abdullah Gül (President), İhsan Bilgin (Vice Rector), Oğuz Özerden (chair, Board of Trustees). Mr. Gül chaired a meeting on Istanbul 2010 organizations at santralistanbul.

a short break

Erkan is all right. He is just too tired, a little bit lost, a little bit feeling helpless and writes whenever he finds the energy. He will be back soon.

"Lions on the road; Eagles and Anatolian Tigers at home today

Lions on the road; Eagles and Anatolian Tigers at home today

Today’s Zaman – Istanbul,Turkey
The Galatasaray Lions, the defending Turkish champions who failed to make the Champions League proper, face Swiss minnow Bellinzona away, while the Beşiktaş

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"Turkey fails to meet EU criteria in critical areas

Turkey fails to meet EU criteria in critical areas

The most critical norms that candidates for accession to the European Union must be committed to abiding by are the political criteria that address issues such as civil-military relations, human rights and the judiciary.

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"Black Monday

MAIN FOCUS: Black Monday | 16/09/2008

The international financial system has been rocked by one of the biggest bank collapses in history. The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest US investment bank, led on Monday to dramatic stock market losses across the world. What consequences will the crisis have for European and international financial systems?

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"New era signaled in army-media relations in Turkey

New era signaled in army-media relations in Turkey

Turkey’s new army chief Gen. Ilker Basbug signaled Tuesday a new era has started regarding the relations between the military and the media.

Chief Of Staff Meets With A Select Group Of Media Organs
BİA – İstanbul,Turkey
Sedat Ergin, chief editor of the newspaper Milliyet, told that they had asked the chief of staff what their accreditation criteria regarding the newspapers

AND  "New era signaled in army-media relations in Turkey…

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"U.S. Religious Landscape Survey

U.S. Religious Landscape Survey

By Reflection Cafe

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life

Based on interviews with more than 35,000 American adults, this extensive survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life details the religious makeup, religious beliefs and practices as well as social and political attitudes of the American public. This online section includes dynamic tools that complement the full report. For a video overview and related material, go to the resource page

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"Open Access Journal Publishing in Anthropology

Open Access Journal Publishing in Anthropology

By Maximilian Forte

Writing elsewhere on some related details concerning open access journal publishing in anthropology, I made the point that the phenomenon is largely not a North American one, even if in North American anthropology we might think that we have cornered the market in both the ideology and technology of open access. As I suggested in that other post, so far there has been more smoke than fire on the North American front. Let me give some examples using the database of journals listed at DOAJ, listing the countries in order of the number of open access anthropology journals, with a total of 53 journals currently listed:

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