A video: An anthropological introduction to YouTube

by Michael Wesch

Prof. Wesch: presented at the Library of Congress, June 23rd 2008. This was tons of fun to present. I decided to forgo the PowerPoint and instead worked with students to prepare over 40 minutes of video for the 55 minute presentation. This is the result.
more info: http://mediatedcultures.net


Cultural Anthropology?s Virtual Issue on Business Cultures

from Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology ? A Group Blog by Rex

Cultural Anthropology?s ambitious website has not been as successful as some might have hoped ? it?s forums are dusty (to say the least) and the ?SuppleMentals? section is not only an underused attempt to add multimedia links to supplement print articles, it employs that tired old ?I capitalized something to make a pun! Get it?!? styles of tired 80s avant-gardism that only James Boon still thinks is charming. That said, however, their decision to publish a ?virtual issue? on business cultures is both extremely welcome and extremely interesting. Having unfairly mocked the stylistics of the website, I will save you rant about how anthropology?s recent turn to the study of ?business cultures? is problematic for the way it construes predecessors and fails to make possible interdisciplinary connections (you can read my article later on this later if it ever comes out), and move on to praise CA for making this material available and prompting us to think about what digital anthologizing might mean or signal.

Cultural Anthropology Virtual Issue: Business Cultures

from American Anthropological Association by Brian

The SCA has released a free, virtual issue of Cultural Anthropology focused on Business Cultures. The issue includes five essays published between 2003-2009, as well as supplemental material and a discussion forum. An introduction by Esra Ozkan reads:

Previous Virtual Issues

from Cultural Anthropology by Alison Kenner

Published in 2009

Created by Rodney Collins

Created by Michelle Stewart and Vivian Choi

Media Studies
Created by Brandon Costelloe-Kuehn

Frans Boas on French culture

from decasia: critique of academic culture by eli

Boas wrote in 1924 in a splendidly titled article, ?Culture, Genuine and Spurious?:


from Cultural Anthropology by Alison Kenner

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