Cyberculture agenda: “The YouTube Women: Delivering Hard-Hitting Digital Video Activism…”Free Bitcoin textbook from Princeton…

Free Bitcoin textbook from Princeton


The Princeton Bitcoin Book by Arvind Narayanan, Joseph Bonneau, Edward Felten, Andrew Miller and Steven Goldfeder is a free download — it’s over 300 pages and is intended for people “looking to truly understand how Bitcoin works at a technical level and have a basic familiarity with computer science and programming.” (more…)

The YouTube Women: Delivering Hard-Hitting Digital Video Activism

Foto tomada de la galería de recursos gratuitos de la organización de derechos humanos Witness.

Image taken from gallery of free resources of Witness (, an organisation that works for human rights through visual media.

What the FBI vs Apple contest is really about

Wired nails it

But this isn’t about unlocking a phone; rather, it’s about ordering Apple to create a new software tool to eliminate specific security protections the company built into its phone software to protect customer data. Opponents of the court’s decision say this is no different than the controversial backdoor the FBI has been trying to force Apple and other companies to build into their software—except in this case, it’s an after-market backdoor to be used selectively on phones the government is investigating.

In a big win for Google’s driverless car program, Reuters reports that a previously unreleased letter from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the AI Google’s high-tech vehicles can be classified as a driver — a distinction only previously given to humans. “We agree with Google its [self-driving car] will not have a ‘driver’ in the traditional sense that vehicles have had drivers during the last more than one hundred years,” the letter said. This win could cut through tons of red tape for Google and other companies eagerly pursuing our driverless futures, as it would acknowledge AI as having the

KAT Adds Torrent Streaming: Expect Bloodshed, Tech Devs Warn

katLast week saw the launch of Torrents-Time, software for Windows and Mac that allows people to view torrents embedded in a webpage and without need for an external torrent client.

Quitting the 9-to-5 and setting off to explore the world, while working remotely from a laptop in order to pay for the train tickets and street food, was seen just a few years ago as the path of only the most intrepid, solitary adventurers. Now, as it gets harder to pay the rent in big cities like London and New York, and easier to do all kinds of work online, it’s increasingly becoming a sensible way to live. There are also a whole host of new solutions popping up to make it easier to divide the year between San Diego…
Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.06.11 PM
That’s right, YouTube is taking on the likes of Netflix and Hulu with its own original content. Last year the company launched YouTube Red, a subscription service for $9.99 a month that removes ads but also delivers exclusive content. YouTube Red is only available in the US right now, but its first original content is coming online today. Here are the first three we can watch: Lazer Team This comedy comes from the creators of the ever popular Red vs. Blue show and follows a bunch of dudes who put on an alien spacesuit. Scare PewDiePie You probably know exactly who PewDiePie…

Travelers who have recently booked short trips (two to four days) likely did so using multiple devices, applications and mobile sites, according to a study byGfK commissioned by Facebook IQ.

GfK analyzed the purchase paths of some 2,000 adults 18 and over in the Netherlands and Sweden who had recently booked short trips, and its findings included:

What You Need to Know About Twitter’s Algorithmic Timeline

Twitter, playing all the hits since 2016.

Twitter announced an update Wednesday morning that could signal the eventual death of the reverse-chronological timeline.

Now, users can choose to have an experience that surfaces “the best Tweets” that they’ve missed, regardless of time, atop timeline. Twitter has been testing anon-chronological timeline, with mixed reviews from users. This is the official rollout for iOS, Android and Web.

5 B2B Website Design Trends for 2016

We know from research that nearly everyone considering doing business with you will first look at your website. And nothing deters a prospect faster than a website that looks outdated. Thankfully, even small tweaks to your design can help you to keep pace with design trends can make a big difference. Let’s take a look at the latest trends.

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