A Kurdish town, Silvan, under curfew for 9 days…

Constant gunshots heard from Silvan, where 6 killed under weeklong curfew

Six people were killed during a curfew that has been in place in Diyarbakır’s Silvan district since Nov. 2. (Photo: Cihan)

Constant gunshots heard from Silvan, where 6 killed under

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Gunshots are being heard constantly from Silvan, Diyarbakır province, due to ongoing clashes between the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party …

Silvan, the urban flashpoint in Turkey’s Kurdish conflict
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DW.COM – Deutsche Welle – Sep 11

Economist Emre Deliveli says he found a statistician’s study that suggested evidence of vote tampering in Turkey’s November 1 election intriguing and wanted to bring it to a wider audience. But in an interview with Deutsche Welle, he said he lost

Turkey’s Authoritarian Drift

If Erdogan’s power goes unchecked, our democratic ideals may be crushed by a tyranny of the majority.
Syrian migrants are becoming an economic actor in Turkey not only in terms of their labor power but also their entrepreneurial skills, with the number of companies opened by Syrians increasing 40-fold between 2010 and 2014, according to new data
Changing the existing parliamentarian system of Turkey into a presidential one is not a priority for his new government, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said
Turkey has swiftly dismissed the European Union’s criticism about the dramatic curtailing of press freedoms as well as significant shortcomings affecting the independence of the judiciary
Top EU officials are set to pay a visit to the Turkish capital of Ankara for talks expected to focus on the refugee crisis shortly after the release of a progress report
EU’s Turkey Progress Report has stated that, “Resuming peace process is an emergent necessity”, and drawn attention to escalated political polarization.

Erdogan’s Turkey: An economic success story?

Murat Yulek, a professor at Istanbul Commerce University, discusses the AK party’s economic policies.
The spokesperson of Turkey’s main opposition party has said Turkey needs a new constitution bearing civil liberties, unlike the current one, which was made after the country’s 1980 military coup

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