Turkey’s war with media goes beyond borders, BBC accused of ‘openly supporting terrorism’

Turkey has accused the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) of “openly supporting terrorism” by making “written and visual propaganda” of the outlawed PKK during a broadcast
Tarık Ziya Ekinci is of the opinion that Erdoğan is going to overlook persistence of the conflict atmosphere during the election campaign period to have the HDP remain under the election threshold.

Turkish Kurd grief: ‘They don’t even let us bury our dead’

Turkey blocks return of bodies of Kurds killed fighting IS

Kurdish women pray for peace as fears of civil war in Turkey mount

Erdogan launches missile attacks as conflict with PKK explodes after two years of calm

The Observer view on Turkey and the Middle Eastern struggles for power | Observer editorial

The prominent players in the region recognise that disparate agendas will result in destructionIf all goes to plan, Turkey will call new elections this week, opening the way for the ruling party to make another claim on majority power. Such a move, widely predicted by officials, would come two months after the last poll, in which Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AK party lost much of its lustre. At home, the Kurds got under Erdogan’s guard, with the pro-Kurdish HDP party getting more than 10% of the national vote, crossing a threshold that made it both a force in national politics and a major irritant to the Turkish leader. Elsewhere in the region, the result has been even more profound.

The United States announced that it had informed the Turkish government that the U.S. deployment of Patriot air and missile defense units in Turkey will not be renewed
Turkey, sheltering some 1.9 million refugees, has spent $6 billion, according to the head of the country’s head of relief effort, dwarfing the $418 million in aid received from all other countries including the European Union
Clashes between the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Turkish security forces have spread to towns in Turkey’s southeast, with curfews declared in the Lice and Silvan districts of Diyarbakır province

ISIS Video Urges Turks to Revolt Against Their President

A seven-minute video called President Recep Tayyip Erdogan an infidel for collaborating with Western powers in their attacks on the Islamic State.
Democratic Society Congress and Mesopotamia Ecology Movement shared their observations with bianet over forest fires in southeastern Turkey.
The Muş Governor’s Office has launched an investigation into the distribution of pictures depicting the dead and mutilated body of a woman believed to be a member of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).
The decision came as the risk of Syrian Army missile attacks seemed to have eased and as concerns about Iran and North Korea demanded that the antimissile systems be made available for other missions.
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s declaration of a de facto shift in Turkey’s administrative system to a presidential system has infuriated opposition leaders, who say the declaration indicates “rule by diktat.”
Germany will end its contribution to NATO’s Patriot anti-missile systems in southern Turkey by the beginning of 2016
As talks with the Republican People’s Party (CHP) for a coalition failed, making an early election this autumn more likely, the leader of Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) has also been making preparations for a regular party congress in September
US President Obama’s Deputy Special Envoy to the Global Anti-ISIL Coalition, Brett McGurk, says Washington ‘can’t succeed against Daesh without Turkey,’ speaking to the Hürriyet Daily News in an exclusive interview.
‘We’ll see what Germany will do with the red notice,” the president says, referring to a former prosecutor’s case. ‘If Germany doesn’t [extradite the prosecutor], it won’t be able to take any criminal from us’
Turkey has witnessed a change in the president’s new role, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Aug. 14, asking that the constitution be updated to recognize his de facto deployment of enhanced powers
‘Let them see how environmentalist I am,’ Turkish President Erdoğan said, while releasing a partridge. The partridge didn’t get the joke, it seems.
The Turkish military has started building a concrete wall along the border with Syria following a series of attacks, Anadolu Agency said on August 14

Demotix image. A peace meeting at Bakırköy in Istanbul on 9 August, 2015 drew thousands of supporters concerned by Turkey's attacks on PKK positions over the border. Photo by Avni Kantan. ID: 8285673.

Demotix image. A peace meeting at Bakırköy in Istanbul on August 9, 2015, drew thousands of pro-Kurdish supporters concerned by Turkey’s attacks on PKK positions over the border. Photo by Avni Kantan. ID: 8285673.

Turkish PM Davutoğlu struggled to control his emotions at a party event in Ankara on Aug. 14, when he shed tears for a soldier recently killed by ISIL militants

Ağrı Bar President: Law Enforcement Officers Killed Two Teenagers

Ağrı Bar President Ali Artuk told bianet the law enforcement officers killed two teenagers in Diyadin district of Ağrı province.

Turkey polls loom as talks collapse

Two months after Turkey’s ruling AKP lost its majority in national elections, it has failed to agree coalition terms with its main secular rival.
A Turkish prosecutor who handled probes into alleged coup cases in Turkey has fled with a colleague to Germany via Georgia and Armenia after learning of an upcoming arrest warrant issued in his name, daily Hürriyet reported on Aug. 14.
Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has tried to ease Iraqi Kurds’ concerns by stressing the Turkish military’s operations in northern Iraq were specifically targeting the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and not all Kurds

VIDEO: Turkish Kurds’ anger at security controls

The families of Kurdish Turks say the bodies of family members who have been killed in Syria are being stopped from returning home by strict control measures introduced by Turkey.
Mert Cömert, a 22-year-old Black Sea activist who was injured in the July 20 Suruç suicide bombing, succumbed to his injuries on the morning of Aug. 14

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