Literati roundup: “13 images that helped define the look of the electronic age…

A full-color, large-format exploration of the electronic age, INSIDE THE MACHINE explains the history of technology through over 150 images from magazines, industry pamphlets, and out-of-print books to showcase the powerful graphic and artistic representations of this burgeoning field.

A Look Inside Hannah Arendt’s Personal Library: Download Marginalia from 90 Books (Heidegger, Kant, Marx & More)


It does seem possible, I think, to overvalue the significance of a writer’s library to his or her own literary productions. We all hold on to books that have long since ceased to have any pull on us, and lose track of books that have greatly influenced us.

Manual of Calligraphy and Painting2

Now free for the world to see on the Cambridge University Digital Library are some treasures from the library’s Chinese collections. Fire up that time machine called the Internet, and you can start perusing:


President Barack Obama will be spending the next two weeks on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, at points curling up with a good book

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