Unabating domestic violence leads to Female Anti-heroes…



After Nevin Yıldırım, who was sentenced to life, for killing her husband, meet Çilem Doğan:

Adana'da esi 33 yasindaki Hasan Karabulut'u yatak odasinda tabancayla olduren 28 yasindaki Cilem Dogan, cinayeti namusu icin isledigini belirtti
Adana’da esi 33 yasindaki Hasan Karabulut’u yatak odasinda tabancayla olduren 28 yasindaki Cilem Dogan, cinayeti namusu icin isledigini belirtti
Although her own T-shirt declared that she had learned ‘All the lessons,’ a young woman who murdered her husband in southern Turkey has told local police that she has ‘no regrets’ over the killing as he had forced her into prostitution. ‘Will women always die? Let some men die too. I killed him for my honor,’ she said.

 Here is the list of 11 women in Turkey who killed their husbands.

In other news from the land of ridicule:
A Muslim theologian has stirred Turkish social media by referring to what he described as ‘advanced oral sex’ on state-run broadcaster TRT
Turks must have an extraordinary, wild sex life – especially in rural areas and in low-income conservative neighborhoods. But we only come to learn about it when tragedies happen
The 700-year-old arched church in the northwestern province of Bursa’s Mudanya district has been put on sale on the Internet for $1 million, news website T24 has reported.
The Turkish Presidency has apologized to a prominent Turkish musician for using his composition without permission in the official introductory film presenting the controversial Presidential Palace in Ankara, opened last year
Sivas Municipality’s Tolkien-inspired village will have up to 100 ‘Hobbit houses’ when it is completed
Last Saturday, a group of Korean tourists enjoying the historic beauty of Istanbul had unexpected trouble.
A “blame game” has started after political scientist and columnist Mümtazer Türköne wrote an article in daily Zaman 10 days ago with the title “Is Islamism finished?” referring to the Islamist movement in Turkey.

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