Cyberculture agenda: FriendFeed to be killed by April 9… Open Source Works….Goodbye to Internet Explorer….

Most of web users may be aware of but Friendfeed had a real role in Turkish cybersphere. I have followed many power users there. I have learnt a lot. I wonder where this bunch of power users will migrate. They already have Twitter accounts but I guess it is never the same thing… 

Facebook is killing off FriendFeed on April 9


Remember when Facebook bought FriendFeed back in 2009? Amidst the mania of Apple Watch news, the platform today announced it’s shutting down. The reason, as you might expect, is simply that no one was using it.


Facebook continued to see an increase in requests by governments for content restrictions in the second half of 2014, but requests for account data only saw a slight uptick, according to its most recent global Government Requests Report, released Monday.


Open Source Works. Just Ask Facebook

Facebook’s latest open source project is already winning over the likes of Dropbox and Netflix.


Goodbye, Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s legendary browser is getting replaced. It’s about time.

The Times’ Attack on Wearables Is Really an Attack on Science

The newspaper of record went after wearable tech, but science ended up taking the hit.

FacebookHappyFamilyHow does Facebook draw the line between what users are allowed to post and what types of content should be banned?


Geo-blocking attacked from all sides


Criticism of copyright law has crystallised around the territorial restriction of content within the EU. The subject of “geo-blocking” is high on the European Commission’s list of priorities. EurActiv France reports.


German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel (above) said this week in Homburg that the U.S. government threatened to cease sharing intelligence with Germany if Berlin offered asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden or otherwise arranged for him to travel to that country. “They told us they would stop notifying us of plots and other intelligence matters,” Gabriel said.


Pagerank Algorithm Reveals World’s All-Time Top Soccer Team


The network created by the results of teams playing each other can be ranked in the same way as websites, say computer scientists.


An online community that deletes itself once it’s indexed by Google


Unindexed is an online community that anyone can contribute to; it runs a back-end process that continuously scours Google for signs that it has been indexed, and securely erases itself once it discovers evidence of same. Read the rest


Gigaom closure offers harsh lesson in evolution

The Guardian

This business model is familiar to Silicon Valley investors, but only … to makejournalism a high volume, low returns business, the lesson of Gigaom is ..



JaneSchachtelFacebook global head of technology and mobile strategy Jane Schachtel shared her predictions on upcoming mobile trends at Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona, Spain.




Aaron Swartz found out the hard way that you can’t expect justice from the Department of Justice: what should the next Aaron Swartz do when facing decades in prison for information activism? Read the rest

LinkedIn and Twitter Struggle to Balance Their Dual Business Model

Every successful startup has to prove its business model to become a viable business. For social sites, it’s often a delicate balancing act between engaged communities and advertising revenue. It’s a challenge both Twitter and LinkedIn are facing as they increase their offerings for marketers, while trying not to alienate their users-base.

LinkedIn recently launched a service called Marketing Solutions Program, with the goal to deliver better outcomes for marketers as customers move through the buying cycle. The core product in this program is the Linkedin Lead Accelerator: an \”analytics tool that helps marketers design campaigns and then track, measure and improve impact across the metrics they care about.”


Facebook’s Topic Data Is a Hot Topic


TopicDataFacebook’s announcement Tuesday that it will begin rolling out topic data for select advertisers drew mostly positive reactions from across the industry.

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