Cyberculture agenda: FriendFeed to be killed by April 9… Open Source Works….Goodbye to Internet Explorer….

Most of web users may be aware of but Friendfeed had a real role in Turkish cybersphere. I have followed many power users there. I have learnt a lot. I wonder where this bunch of power users will migrate. They already have Twitter accounts but I guess it is never the same thing…  Facebook is killing … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: “Technology to Protect Against Mass Surveillance…”Google experimenting with spy-resistant encrypted Google Drive

A huge coalition of tech companies unites to petition the US government for more NSA transparency Silicon Valley tech giants have united against a common cause: seeking greater transparency from the US?s National Security Agency and openness when it comes to surveillance activities. House Judiciary Committee Rails Against Domestic Spying The House Judiciary Committee’s hearing … Read more