Turkish Constitutional Court working on 10 percent election threshold… Turkey’s Science Minister declares Muslims discovered Earth… Dispatches from Turkey…

Turkey’s Constitutional Court is considering applications that call for lifting the 10 percent threshold in the Turkish election system, according to Constitutional Court head Haşim Kılıç.
After President Erdoğan’s ‘Muslims discovered America’ claim, a Turkish minister raises the ante
Fazıl Say received a 10-month prison sentence in April, on charges of ‘insulting religious beliefs’
Turkish defense producers aim to boost exports to $25 billion by 2023, from $1.5 billion this year, Defense Industry Undersecretary İsmail Demir says
Davutoğlu argued that the commission’s work should not be considered a routine parliamentary activity, as it is ‘a part of the judicial process’
A policeman was filmed while punching one of 22 students who were detained while staging a protest near the controversial presidential palace in Ankara
Erdoğan Bayraktar has defended himself against the graft probe allegations that led to his resignation from the ministry post
Putin, Erdogan turn blind eye to Russia-Turkey differences
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Shrugging off disputes that could have wrecked other relationships, the strongmen leaders of Russia and Turkey are pursuing a tight alliance at a time of chilly relations with the West. Russian President Vladimir Putin meets Turkish counterpart Recep .
Pope in Turkey treads carefully in footsteps of his predecessor

Francis prays alongside the Grand Mufti in ‘a moment of silent adoration’ at Blue Mosque to mark Christian-Muslim cooperation
Here are the updates as they happened throughout the day that Pope Francis started his historic visit to Turkey
The pope’s visit to Turkey is considered a message of solidarity with the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church, which represents nearly 300 million Orthodox Christians worldwide.
‘We couldn’t explain our suggestions to Kurdish people for the solution of the Kurdish problem. We were at fault, not you,” CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said in Diyarbakır. The expanded delegation of the Kurdish-problem focused HDP, on the other hand, visited the jailed leader of the outlawed PKK

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