Eurosphere agenda: “Elysee shakeup over Hollande photos…”Swiss ‘reject immigration curbs’


Elysee shakeup over Hollande photos

Five members of the French president’s staff are reassigned as police investigate photos taken of Francois Hollande with an actress inside the Elysee Palace.
The big speech has been delivered – you can read our response here, but below we round up the reactions from around Europe – remember, the changes Cameron set out today based on Open Europe’s research will require agreement from other EU leaders.

European Commission

Swiss ‘reject immigration curbs’

Swiss voters reject a referendum proposal to sharply cut immigration, according to projections from partial results on national TV.
A European Plan for France and Germany

With European growth barely visible, and dangerously low inflation causing real interest rates to rise, the weight of public and private debt has grown very heavy, and another lost decade may be at hand. France and Germany – which largely drove European integration for more than six decades – must not resign themselves to this fate.

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