Cyberculture agenda: the EU pressures Google more: right to be forgotten’ to be applied on global search results

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The European Union wants Google to wipe search results mentioning people who invoke their ‘right to be forgotten’ across all its sites, and not just its European versions, reports Reuters

The United Nations Human Rights Council officially declared Internet access and online freedom of expression a human right in July 2012. According to the results of an extensive survey published this week, the majority of the world’s citizens agree.

The Internet of Things and Smart Crops

Today it’s not enought to just talk about Internet. This concept has broaden up and it’s a good challenge for those who want to become electronic engineers. César Viloria Núñez, professor at Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia, explains what is the Internet of things:


REPORT: Teens Are Bored with Facebook

BoredTeenageGirlLaptop650Research from GlobalWebIndex revealed Tuesday found that the number of teen Facebook users was not decreasing, but the frequency of their visits was. Wednesday, GWI explained why: boredom.


Earlier this year, Instagram was leading the pack as the fastest-growing social platform. Now, it’s Tumblr and Pinterest, which have edged out the picture-sharing app for greatest increase in active users.

This Artist’s Images Integrate Code From Malware Like Stuxnet and Flame

James Hoff’s art glitches music and images with malware like NSA-created Stuxnet and the ILOVEYOU viruses.

The Problem With Silicon Valley’s New Culture of Amorality

Tom Foremski on LinkedIn


If you use social networks to follow other people who share your first name, you’re not alone. The question is why.

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