“10 issues Turkish media are banned from reporting on” Dispatches from Turkey…

The media ban on the corruption inquiry is a first for Parliament, but Turkey has seen 150 gag orders in four years. Here are 10 of them
A political note drafted by various children organizations cited that even though child abuse could be preventible, the research in Turkey didn’t focus on the issues like its frequency, prevention and treatment.
Yet another new political party, the Electronic Democracy Party, or “e-Party,” has launched in Turkey, months ahead of the parliamentary elections scheduled for June 2015.
A popular Turkish TV anchorman’s on-air advice to viewers to read a particular newspaper for its coverage commemorating a hanged revolutionary leader has been criticized by the country’s broadcasting authority, which said the remarks amounted to a “hidden advertisement.”
8 March Night Walk, IstanbulPhoto from 8 March, International Women’s Day, Night Walk in Istanbul. Photo taken from 3.bp.blogspot.com.
Celebrating the anniversary of the very first Ottoman satirical magazine ‘Diyojen,’ here’s a look at how such magazines have evolved from intellectual endeavors to antagonistic and sexually explicit voices in Turkey
The Mine Disaster That Shook Turkey

A mine fire in May killed 301 men, making it the worst industrial disaster in Turkish history. This is the story of two men who lived through it

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