Pro-AKP Yeni Şafak decides to defend Boko Haram by insisting on “understanding deep cultural/social/political factors…

Since Islamists cannot be terrorists, according to Yeni Şafakian logic, imperialist games are behind all this chaos in Nigeria… Against poor Muslim Northern Nigearia… rich Southern Nigeria… This little piece in Turkish… 

Yeni Safak in fine form: the West’s chaos lobby is using Boko Haram attacks as excuse to intervene in Nigeria


Fragile? Not Us, Says Turkey, Vying to Win Back Investors

Bloomberg ? Jeremy Kahn ? From the window of his construction trailer, Murat Sarayli has a prime vantage point on the promise and perils of the Turkish economy. Outside, sparks cascade from welding torches as workers labor to complete the steel skeleton of a $350 million

74 Turkish citizens killed in Syria-linked incidents: FM Davutoğlu

A total of 74 Turkish citizens have been killed due to the Syria-linked incidents, according to the data provided by the Turkey?s General Staff

A new problem in Turkish-American relations: Fethullah Gülen

If a movement led by a religious leader who has chosen to live outside his country becomes one of the strongest power groups in the politics and administration of his home country

CHP leader to visit Europe for presidential elections

In the run-up to the Turkish presidential elections in August, main opposition Republican People?s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu is planning to visit at least two European countries

Ukraine Crisis Puts Strain on Turkey-Russia Ties – Turkey

The deepening Ukrainian crisis is placing Turkey in a difficult diplomatic position. At stake for officials in Ankara are Turkey’s commitments to its Western allies and its cultural kin, Crimean Tatars, against its economic and political relationship with Moscow.

Turkey and Israel have substantially overcome problems, Turkish FM says
Compensation talks between Turkey and Israel have reached ?a certain level? and ?problems have been substantially overcome,? Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said

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