Eurosphere agenda: “Separatists in Ukraine insist on referendum…

The Eurosphere is losing Ukraine

Ukrainians may have had high expectations, but the unpleasant truth is that the EU has offered them more than it can deliver


Ukraine in a European context

All in all, the fall of an unpopular, corrupt and ineffective government in Ukraine initiated by pro-EU demonstrators has not helped strengthen European values overall or slowed the decline in the popularity of the EU in the continent as a whole.

Disregarding Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin’s appeal the pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine will go ahead with plans for an autonomy referendum on Sunday, spokesmen for a self-appointed people’s assembly announced on Thursday. Moscow is not happy about the separatists’ unpredictable behaviour, some commentators say. Others evoke the next act of a cunning Russian performance.

Peacework: women in action across Europe

The full engagement of women at all levels of negotiations is essential in order to promote nonviolent solutions that address the causes of conflict and build peace and justice. Sue Finch and Liz Khan report from the European Women in Black conference in Belgium on a critical moment for Europe?s future


The Ukraine/Crimea crisis: ramifications for the Middle East

In the short term the Ukraine/Crimea crisis adds momentum to Russia?s drive to reassert its superpower presence and influence in the Middle East, and reinforces the regional perception, whether justified or not, of US withdrawal and hesitation

Poland?s diplomatic offensive in Ukraine and Europe

It manages to strike hard without straying from the politics that have defined Poland’s conciliatory and unifying role in the EU over the past decade.

Spain: how a democratic country can silence its citizens

Spain, one of the European countries at the sharp end of imposed austerity measures, has also been in the van in imposing restrictions on protest against them

Selective Dutch mourning rituals

Why would the Netherlands, champion of freedom of speech and tolerance, go out of its way to block a handful of people from assembling for a talk? What challenge can a commemoration of the Palestinian 1948 Nakba pose?

What does the rise of Ukip mean for Scottish and British politics?

A new national pastime now exists thanks to the existence and rise of Ukip. But even if they win the Euro elections we must be careful in which conclusions we draw, particularly in Scotland.

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