Cyberculture agenda: Report says “Autocratic regimes systematically deny internet access to opposition ethnic groups

I guess not only to ethnic groups but all opponents in some countries…  Autocratic regimes systematically deny internet access to opposition ethnic groups  Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow In Digital discrimination: Political bias in Internet service provision across ethnic groups (Sci-hub mirror), a new paper in Science, political scientists from the University of Konstanz and elsewhere document … Read more

For the record, Erdoğan could not silence a publisher…a German one…

Turkey’s President Erdogan Fails to Silence German Publisher NYT > Turkey by By MELISSA EDDY A German court rejected a request by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for an injunction against the chief executive of Axel Springer over his support for a comedian who lampooned the Turkish leader. Another Lawsuit by Erdoğan in Germany  Bianet :: English President … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Facebook, German Officials to Target Refugee-Related Hate Posts…

  Google to donate up to $5.5M to help European refugees Google’s charitable arm is pledging to donate an additional $5.5 million to groups trying to help the thousands of refugees pouring into Europe Refugees Met with Generosity and Suspicion in France Global Voices Online by Gaetana DiRoberto Demonstrations in large European cities in favor of refugees … Read more

(Suspicion of) Ebola at Istanbul airport

  Nigerian passenger causes panic over Ebola suspicion at Istanbul airport A Nigerian passenger has been placed under quarantine on suspicion of having the Ebola virus at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport In other İstanbul news: World Press Photo 2014 exhibition travels to İstanbul Cihan News Agency Award-winning snapshots by photojournalists from around the world will once again adorn … Read more

Pro-AKP Yeni Şafak decides to defend Boko Haram by insisting on “understanding deep cultural/social/political factors…

Since Islamists cannot be terrorists, according to Yeni Şafakian logic, imperialist games are behind all this chaos in Nigeria… Against poor Muslim Northern Nigearia… rich Southern Nigeria… This little piece in Turkish…  Piotr Zalewski ?@p_zalewski  7h Yeni Safak in fine form: the West’s chaos lobby is using Boko Haram attacks as excuse to intervene in Nigeria ?… … Read more