Another summary of May Day in Turkey.

While Istanbul was under the police attack, May Day celebrations continued at many cities in Turkey. bianet is reporting May Day scenes from Ankara, İzmir, Sivas, Kayseri, Diyarbakır, Tokat, Kars, Hakkari and Samsun.

ISTANBUL, Turkey ? Thousands of people tried to reach Taksim Square during May Day demonstrations on Thursday in Istanbul, Turkey. However, the Turkish government shut down ferries and subways and deployed thousands of police, who barricaded the streets and used tear gas, rubber bullets and water canons to prevent protesters from getting close to the square.

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Two officers who shot Berkin Elvan detected, report says


An expert report revealed that the two officers who shot the 15-year-old Gezi victim were detected in a camera footage


From the dancing demonstrators to the children crying because of tear gas, here are five videos which were among the most watched on Hürriyet on May Day
Turkey: Police fire tear gas to block May Day protesters in Istanbul
Turkey: Police fire tear gas to block May Day protesters in Istanbul

VIDEO: Diary of a Turkish May Day protester

BBC News | Europe | World Edition

The BBC’s Selin Girit followed an activist attending May Day protests in Istanbul as clashes broke out with police.

Masters of selfie

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Pictures of the Day: Urkaine and Elsewhere


Photos from Ukraine, Turkey, Cuba and Italy

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WINDS OF CHANGE: Fighting erupts in Istanbul between demonstrators and riot police.
From Beşiktaş:
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A special multi-functional steel vehicle was used in Ankara for the first time in Turkey
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What happens when May Day meets social media in Turkey?

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