A journalism roundup: “Engin Önder and Zeynep Tufekci on @140journos and the state of journalism in Turkey

Q&A: Engin Önder and Zeynep Tufekci on 140journos and the state of journalism in Turkey

Nieman Journalism Lab

Engin Önder is not a journalist, and he?ll be the first to tell you that. (?No way,? he said, laughing, when I asked.) Instead, Önder, who cofounded the Turkish citizen journalism platform 140journos, considers himself a citizen acting journalistically to share information and spark discussions about political issues in Turkey.

The newsonomics of NYT Now

 Nieman Journalism Lab by Ken Doctor


A newly laid brick wall

The newsonomics of The New York Times? Paywalls 2.0

It?s an ambitious launch. Within it, we can hear many of the digital news buzzwords of the moment: mobile first, curation, paywall, native ads, voice. NYT Now debuts on April 2, side-stepping the foolish superstitions of a day earlier, and about give months after first disclosing its Paywalls 2.0 plans (?The newsonomics of The New York Times? Paywalls 2.0?).

Inside the media universe, 2013 seemed to be a year of momentum. New money was being injected into the news business from all sides, from dot-com billionaires to baseball owners to venture capitalists making bets at the intersection of technology and content. At the same time, users were finding news and video through new platforms, whether through an explosion in social media or via the personal window of mobile.

When it comes to finding and consuming news, Americans are only as faithful as their options.

new report finds that how we consume the news is largely dependent on what we?re looking for, the technology at hand, and whether the story is urgent. Forty-five percent of US adults in the survey say they have no preference in device or technology for following the news.

You know that old ?If I had a nickel? saying? Well, if I had a nickel for every time I?ve heard the word ?impact? ? and impacting, impactful, impacted, high impact, etc. ? since I joined the Center for Investigative Reporting as media impact analyst in July, I could go straight from my position as an ACLS public fellow to retirement. People want to talk about impact that much; I want to talk about impact that much. Impact might just be the holy grail of today?s media, both desired and elusive.

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