Cyberculture agenda: PEW research on “Couples, the Internet, and Social Media


Couples, the Internet, and Social Media

How American couples use digital technology to manage life, logistics, and emotional intimacy within their relationships

Love And Religion On Facebook



A Complete, Interactive History of Bitcoin

In less than a decade, Bitcoin has gone from concept to niche cryptocurrency, and recently it has made significant inroads into the mainstream. Whether it ultimately endures or fails, Bitcoin’s history is unfolding before our eyes.


Snowden used common ‘crawler’ software to hack NSA files

The surprisingly unsophisticated method used by Snowden to extract files will likely spark criticism of US web security especially after Bradley Manning used a similar approach to leak information to WikiLeaks just three years earlier. US defector

Bitcoin Slump Shows the $8 BillionCryptocurrency Lacks Mature Infrastructure


The technology underpinning Bitcoin has flaws that threaten to undermine the currency?s value


The dangerous mistake at Bitcoin?s core

The cryptocurrency is designed to give a central bankers?s job to a simple algorithm but we need the flexible and timely policy that this rules out

Surveillance: finding the culprit

We scrutinize the state for its Orwellian ambitions, but not the structures that renders them feasible. Privacy debates have engaged with issues of political power and sensationalist culture, with little attention paid to the third factor  ? the economic context.

From Nieman Reports: Weibo and WeChat have brought a degree ? a degree ? of freedom to Chinese political discourse

Editor?s note: The new issue of our sister publication Nieman Reports is out and online. There?s a lot of great reading in there on a variety of subjects, but the primary focus is on the state of journalism in China, with a number of terrific reports from both Chinese journalists and foreign correspondents posted there.


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