Tonight, PM Erdoğan accepts he did intervene Turkish media…

In his mindset, the whole country is a family of which is the father and he has the right and correct his children [all nation]’s misdeed. Without any shame, he accepted that not only once and frequently he calls the media bosses and tells them how to report…

Here is the video of his talk after Zaman daily’s correspondent’s questions… [in Turkish]


Turkish media has turned into the ruling AKP?s Pravda: MHP


Bahçeli slammed the recently revealed telephone recording that displayed PM Erdoğan’s direct intervention in private broadcaster Habertürk

Turkey’s ‘Porn Lobby’ Is Waxing, But Will President Gul Veto The Internet Bill


As more and more people call for President Abdullah Gul to veto the controversial Internet bill recently adopted by the Turkish Parliament, the pro-government daily Stardubbed the naysayers as “the porn lobby.”


“I’m very very sorry, please pardon me, but they’re saying ‘Don’t meddle with immoral images’, they’re going out to the streets to protest and this parallel structure (within the state) supports them,” Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said, coupling the citizens who protested the Internet bill with certain elements of the Gulen movement whom he previouslly called a “parallel state.”

?Instructions rain down on Turkish media every day,? says prominent editor-in-chief


Daily Habertürk’s editor-in-chief has publicly claimed to be under constant political pressure

ECHR Convicts Turkey of Torturing Advocate

The European Court of Human Rights convicted Turkey of ?inadequate investigation? and ?ill-treatment and torture? in the case of Gülizar Tuncer, a human rights advocate

Turkish PM challenges Fethullah Gülen to form a political party

PM Erdoğan lays down the gauntlet against Fethullah Gülen in the latest skirmish in their increasingly open war

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