FP blog take on Gülen movement… Wikileaked…


Legal experts point toward high court to solve judicial impasse


Prominent legal experts and academics are not very hopeful about to amend the structure of the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK)


Turkey faces political, social and economic upheavals


Turkey was supposed to be a model for Egypt after the events of the Arab Spring. Looking at developments in Turkey in the light of the corruption scandal that has shaken the government


Will Turkish corruption scandal lead to return of military to politics?Al-Monitor

After Hasan Cemal came Murat Belge, one of leading intellectuals of the country, who warned that the political tension and strife in the country could


Main opposition CHP conditional on ruling AKP?s proposal for charter amendment on justice


CHP has positively responded the ruling party?s proposal for a constitutional amendment bu requested measures that would enhance the judiciary’s independence


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