EU Commissioner Füle to meet with Turkish EU minister while “Police raid Turkish NGO office near Syrian border

Commissioner Füle to meet with Turkish EU minister over judiciary bill


The EU?s Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Füle is to meet with Turkish EU Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu

Police raid Turkish NGO office near Syrian border


Police have conducted a raid on the Kilis branch of the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (İHH)


US, Russia call for ‘local ceasefires’ ahead of Syria talks


Moscow and Washington made a joint call for Syria’s regime and rebels to agree to ceasefires in parts of the battle-scarred country ahead of crucial talks

Turkey Inside-Out: Old Realities, New Risks, and Strategic Implications


German Marshall Fund of the United States, January 13, 2014 Ian Lesser * Turkey?s burgeoning corruption scandal and the deepening political and legal crises facing the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) government seem strong evidence of something new on the Turkish scene. There is now a real risk that internal factors will jeopardize Turkey?s


Tunisia?s Ennahda movement, maybe learning from Egypt and Turkey, compromises to remain relevant


Once again, the people have a chance to prove that the Arab Spring was not a fluke, that non-violence is the only constructive path for social change, that Islam is compatible with representative governance, and that authoritarianism is not the only guarantor of security and stability.

EU must open doors to avoid Syrian refugee catastrophe, says UN


Colin Firth, Michael Palin and Grayson Perry condemn lack of British action over what David Milliband calls ‘the defining humanitarian crisis of our time’

No active diplomacy possible without strong democracy, FM Davutoğlu says

A strong democracy is a must in pursuing an active diplomacy, Davutoğlu said at the envoys’ conference as the ruling AKP is giving its own test of democracy amid a graft scandal


Brussels asks Turkey to be consulted to ensure judicial bill in line with EU legislation

The EU has made a formal request to Ankara asking to be consulted on the controversial judicial bill on the Parliament?s agenda for ensuring that it is in line with EU legislation

Kerry and Lavrov discuss Syria peace talks


Top US diplomat John Kerry meets his Russian counterpart Monday after trying to entice Syrian rebels into Geneva peace talks by vowing to exclude the Moscow-backed Damascus regime from any future transition government.

Interactive: Moving Syria’s chemical weapons


Follow the transportation of Syria’s stockpile as the arms are carried across land and sea to be destroyed.


Baghdad summons Turkish diplomat, Maliki warns Ankara over Kurdish oil


Baghdad summoned Turkey’s chargé d’affaires over moves by Iraq’s Kurdish region to sell oil independently via Ceyhan

Envoys gather in Ankara on theme of ?strong democracy, dynamic economy?


The Turkish Foreign Ministry is gathering together the country?s far-flung ambassadors for a review of the nation?s foreign policy

Syrian refugees no longer know who is fighting let alone who is winning


As opposition factions battle to oust al-Qaida jihadists the refugees at Bab al-Hawa border crossing recount the chaos

Lugging three plastic sacks full of clothes, Abu Mohammed and his three daughters pulled back the wrought iron border crossing gate, stepped through it into Turkey and smiled.

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