BDP co-chair denied İmralı visit by justice ministry… A politics roundup…


BDP co-chair denied İmralı visit by justice ministry

A Peace and Democracy Party delegation departed on the morning of Oct 14 for İmralı Island without BDP Co-Chair Demirtaş

KCK disappointed over democratization package, gives gov?t three demands

Kurdish militants noted that the government’s democratization package failed to address their expectations, stating three demands to advance the peace process

BDP eyes forming alliance with main oppositon CHP in Turkish local elections

The People?s Democratic Party is seeking to establish an alliance with the main opposition Republican People?s Party to yield better results

Peace process has de facto ended, BDP co-chair says

The government has de facto ended the peace process, Peace and Democracy Party co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş has said

Kurdish Question

The BDP and KCK expressed their disappointment with the latest ?democracy package? and stated that this may be ?the end of so-called peace process?

BDP?s crisis deepens as group meetings canceled

The Peace and Democracy Party has unexpectedly canceled its parliamentary group meeting scheduled for today

Erdogan Stokes the Sectarian Fires

Much like his hero Menderes in the late 1950s, Erdogan is dividing Turkey into hostile camps.

Changing the election system may open the door to presidential system

The new democracy package that was announced last week initiated a debate in Turkey


Surprise consensus for Turkey’s charter plans

The Constitution Conciliation Commission will mark its second anniversary on October 19

Turkish PM backs oath decision as opposition hits hard

The Turkish prime minister and the opposition party leaders engage in a row over the abolition of the student oath, obligatory on each school day, during the parties? group meetings

Turkish PM denies law allowing detention of ?potential? protesters

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has dismissed reports of plans for a new regulation on detentions

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