EFD Rights Watch: “Three reports rule out self-defense in Gezi protester Sarısülük killing

Three reports rule out self-defense in Gezi protester Sarısülük killing: Lawyer

Three separate reports all indicate that police officer A.Ş. did not use self-defense when he shot dead Ethem Sarısülük


Go and live in the forest, Turkish PM tells environment activists

PM Erdoğan slammed environment activists opposing the construction of a road passing through the ODTÜ campus, advising them to live in the forests if they did not want roads to be built

Fed decisions, not Gezi protests hit Turkish economy, says Koç Chairman

The Turkish economy was faring well until things changed in mid-May, but the cause of this change was not the Gezi protests

I was relieved when I got arrested, says Turkey’s former Chief of Staff Başbuğ

Imprisoned former Chief of Staff Gen. İlker Başbuğ has expressed his relief at being arrested in January 2012 as part of the Ergenekon case

43 officers receive disciplinary penalty for excessive force in Gezi protests

Forty-three police officers across Turkey have been handed disciplinary penalties for excessive use of force during their intervention into Gezi protests

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