Cyberculture roundup: the Cloud ready for mission critical apps?..Internet Archaeologists Reconstruct Lost Web Pages…Your Facebook ‘Like’ Is Now Protected by the U.S. Constitution

Is the Cloud ready for mission critical apps?

server room 520x245 Is the Cloud ready for mission critical apps?
_In the second part of TNW?s enterprise cloud computing series, we look at whether the Cloud is ready for mission critical apps. 

Internet Archaeologists Reconstruct Lost Web Pages

Computer scientists have developed a technique for reconstructing missing web resources from the context in which they appeared, just like archaeologists in the physical world

Your Facebook ‘Like’ Is Now Protected by the U.S. Constitution

Clicking “Like” on a Facebook post or page is now a form of speech protected by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, according to an opinion issued on Wednesday by a federal appeals court, which overturned a previous ruling to the contrary.

LinkedIn Fights In Court For Surveillance Transparency on Multiple Fronts

In a welcome and commendable move, LinkedIn, the business social networking giant, has filed an amicus brief in EFF?s landmark case challenging the statute governing National Security Letters (NSLs) as an unconstitutional prohibition of free speech (read the full brief here). LinkedIn has also filed a motion with the FISA court arguing it?s their First Amendment right to publish how many users are affected by FISA court orders, which have been at the center of the NSA scandal.

John Gilmore explains why spying for “the right reasons” is still wrong

After an NSA cryptographer took to ZDNet to defend his organization’s lawless surveillance, EFF co-founder John Gilmore posted a long and thoughtful reply to the Cryptography mailing list (an absolute must-read, these days), in which he explains why the idea that spies should be able to spy on everyone, so long as they do so for the right reasons, is a bad idea. It’s a high-level version of an argument a lot of us are having these days, so it’s worth reading carefully. The tl;dr is “There will always be ’emergencies’, always ‘crises’, always ‘evildoers”, always ‘opportunities’, that would be relieved ‘if we could just do X that wasn’t allowed until now’.”

NSA contracted with notorious French spy-tech company VUPEN

Michael from Muckrock sez, “”Documents requested by MuckRock from the National Security Agency show it had a contract with the French security researcher VUPEN whose founder and CEO Chaouki Bekrar puckishly touts himself as the ‘Darth Vader of Cybersecurity.’ While the NSA redacted the price of the subscription, VUPEN is apparently hoping the year-long contract is a sign of things to come: It recently tweeted it was setting up shop in Maryland.”

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