Turkey in Middle East: “?Any Turk in Beirut? target for us, kidnapped Lebanese pilgrims? families threaten… A FP roundup

Beirut-lebanon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

?Any Turk in Beirut? target for us, kidnapped Lebanese pilgrims? families threaten

The families of abducted Lebanese Shiite pilgrims in Syria have threatened to kidnap any Turkish national in Beirut

Turkey shuts offices as Lebanon crisis mounts

Turkey has closed its cultural center and commercial office in Beirut after the kidnapping of two Turkish pilots

Turkey requested Iran?s assistance to release kidnapped pilots: Report

Turkey has requested Iran?s assistance to release the Turkish pilots kidnapped in Lebanon


Turkish Airlines pilot and co-pilot kidnapped in Beirut

Gunmen believed to have snatched men from van in response to capture of Lebanese pilgrims by Syrian rebels 15 months ago

Two Turkish Airlines pilots have been kidnapped in Beirut, in an ambush that Lebanese officials believe is linked to the capture of nine Lebanese Shia pilgrims in northern Syria 15 months ago.

German policeman beats Turkish man in airport

German police has beaten a Turkish citizen in Cologne-Bonn Airport after a spat erupted between him and an airport employee


Turkey to withdraw troops from UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon

Turkey plans to pull out troops from the UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon UNIFIL

Lebanon vows ‘exceptional efforts’ to free kidnapped Turks

Lebanese Interior Minister Marwan Charbel pledged that his government would make “exceptional efforts”

Adam Hug: Turkey is central to the EU’s development

Adam Hug: Turkey’s bid to join the EU offers Europe the choice of embracing its internal diversity or resorting to an insular idea of itself

Erdoğan?s troubled days in the Middle East

The Turkish government decided to close the Turkish Cultural Center and trade office in Lebanon yesterday for security reasons

Turkey sees new Syrian influx with 3,000 arrivals

A record number of Syrians fled into Turkey Aug.12 after Syrian government forces bombed Raqqa province, a northern city 90 kilometers from Syria?s Turkey border


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