CHP claims Turkish government blacklisted opposition deputies… A politics roundup


Ergenekon the terror
Ergenekon the terror (Photo credit: neoprolog)

Analysis: Turkey’s divisive Ergenekon trial

Conviction of alleged coup plotters seen by many as Islamists‘ revenge against the army.


Turkish government blacklisted opposition deputies, CHP says

Turkey?s main opposition Republican People?s Party (CHP) has alleged that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) collected 15 CHP deputies and officials’ personal information


Top brass reshuffle indicates full government control over Turkey’s arms purchases

This year?s annual reshuffle of the military top brass underlines full government control over defense procurement decisions in the future

Turkish army?s green areas may face risk of settlement

The Turkish Defense Ministry has announced that military barracks in urban centers will be vacated soon


Conspiracy convictions deepen Turkey’s divide

Government supporters see trial as a rebuke of the army’s political influence, but many think judgment was biased.

The ?deep state? is dead! Long live the new deep state!

The (in)famous Ergenekon trial has finally ended with astonishing verdicts


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