Eurosphere roundup: EU vs. Israel on settlements…

EU hardens stance on Israeli settlements

New guidelines will prevent any grants to companies based on occupied land as the EU hardens its opposition to expansion of Israeli settlements

Israeli PM Netanyahu rejects EU ‘external dictates’ on borders

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu angrily rejected European Union guidelines barring the bloc’s 28 member states from funding projects in Jewish settlements

Israel set to approve another 1,000 West Bank homes: NGO

Israeli authorities are expected to give the green light for the construction of 1,071 new homes in six West Bank settlements, watchdog Peace Now said


EU foreign policy chief Ashton to meet interim leaders and urge democracy on Egypt trip

The European Union’s top diplomat Catherine Ashton will travel to Egypt on Wednesday to urge leaders to return to the path of democracy ‘as rapidly as possible’


EU freezes dealing in Israel settlements

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu angrily rejected European Union guidelines barring the bloc’s 28 member states from funding projects in Jewish settlements


IMF says Eastern Europe probably past the worst of crisis

International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde praised Eastern Europe for its “courage”


“Red Star Serbia, never Yugoslavia!” Football, politics and national identity in Serbia

In the years before the war football fans from the former Yugoslavia had a sort of premilitary training in the stadia. Soon they would exchange the flags and banners for rifles and bombs

France arrests Norwegian neo-Nazi over ‘terror plot’

A Norwegian neo-Nazi and Anders Breivik sympathiser was arrested in France over fears he may have been preparing a “major terrorist act”, the interior ministry said

Did Keynesian policies fuel the European debt crisis?

Was the European sovereign debt crisis fuelled by Keynesian policies? Or has the structural framework of the Eurozone something to do with it?

UKIP and the rise of English nationalism

People in England increasingly indentify as English rather than British, and so far it is the ?blood and bitter? reactionary nationalism of UKIP that is benefitting.

Older, anxious and white: why UKIP are the English Tea Party

UKIP addresses many of the anxieties that are surfacing within the UK, but what kind of social groups are they satisfying with their policies?


Q&A: The Lagarde list

Publication of a list of 2,000 Greeks with Swiss bank accounts that Athens had received from France had caused a huge storm in Greece


European Union
European Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MAIN FOCUS: Bárcenas affair threatens Rajoy | 16/07/2013

The ex-treasurer of Spain’s conservative ruling party, Partido Popular, confirmed in court on Monday that he had run a slush fund with illegal donations since 1990. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who also allegedly received money from the fund, has rejected calls for his resignation. Commentators say the prime minister has taken the wrong approach to handling the Bárcenas affair, predicting that this will be the end of his political career.

Serbia enters Europe, ending the bloody Balkan wars (Opinion)

A miracle has happened, as Serbia is no longer walking away from events attended by Kosovo representatives. The bloody Balkan wars of the 1990s and the centuries-long Serb-Albanian feud have ended in provisional cooperation and not just in armed truce, writes Elizabeth Pond.

Elizabeth Pond is a Berlin-based journalist and the author of Endgame in the Balkans.

?Yes, it’s laudable that Croatia just became the first new member of the European Union in six years. Yet the really breathtaking news from the Balkans this week is the humdrum fact that Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga attended Croatia’s celebrations in Zagreb. And Belgrade’s top official for Kosovo affairs, Aleksandar Vulin, thanked the Serbs in the northern tip of Kosovo for welcoming Serbia’s forthcoming start of talks to join the EU.


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