EFD Rights Watch: ECHR says Turkey must revise tear gas laws…

European court says Turkey must revise tear gas laws

Turkey should readjust its legal framework regarding the use of tear gas grenades, according to a ECHR decision

Post-Gezi witch hunt deepens EU?s concerns over Turkish democracy

News reports over the last few days make crystal clear that the government has no tendency to stop

Female journalists ?abused? in custody in Turkey

Two female journalists have accused police of sexually, verbally and physically abusing them

Indictment on killed Gezi protester accepted

A prosecutor has accepted an indictment against Ankara police officer A.Ş., who is accused of slaying Gezi Park protester Ethem Sarısülük

Turkish court decides for release of eight Gezi protesters, including flag vendor

A Turkish court decided to release eight people, including a flag vendor, who had been arrested during the Gezi protests on July 6




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