BBC Statement regarding BBC reporters in Turkey

[[Yesterday Ankara mayor, Melih Gökçek, accuses BBC Turkish journalist of being an ‘agent’ in Twitter campaign]]

 Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek


BBC Global News Director, Peter Horrocks, has issued the following statement.

The BBC is very concerned by the continued campaign of the Turkish authorities to discredit the BBC and intimidate its journalists.

A large number of threatening messages have been sent to one of our reporters, who was named and attacked on social media by the Mayor of Ankara for her coverage of the current protests.

The BBC and all its journalists are committed to providing impartial and independent journalism. It is unacceptable for our journalists to be directly targeted in this way. There are established procedures for making comments and complaints about BBC output and we call on the Turkish authorities to use these proper channels.

BBC Press Office

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1 thought on “BBC Statement regarding BBC reporters in Turkey

  1. Hopefully the BBC will up it’s coverage of the atrocities committed by the Turkish government and the intimidation being meted out by AK Party thugs.

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