Eurosphere roundup: Turkey EU accession ?in member states? hands? while Turkish PM supports Police violence…

Turkey EU accession ?in member states? hands?

Germany is leading the opposition to progressing Turkey?s EU accession bid due to a crackdown on protests

Turkey’s PM defends crackdown

Turkey’s PM has told a crowd of supporters it was his ‘duty’ to order a crackdown on protests in Istanbul


The Impact of EU Membership on the UK?s Politics

The following excerpt is taken from a speech by Lord Hannay which was presented at the UACES conference, ?The Impact of EU membership on the UK since 1973?.  The event was part of the UACES Evolving Europe project.

?When historians come to analyse and to write the story of Britain?s troubled and

european union stars
european union stars (Photo credit: notarim)

turbulent relationship with the other countries of Europe since the end of the Second World War– and they are already beginning to do so, distinguished amongst them the speaker to the first session of this seminar, Stephen Wall ?


Economic science and the EU

Every few decades or so we are brutally reminded that the global economic system can experience serious dysfunctions and that the science called upon to find the necessary remedies is rarely, if ever, up to the task. The latest controversies among economists regarding austerity policies or possible solutions for dealing with sovereign debt are a case in point.

Stakeholders call on EU Presidency countries to champion the European Foundation Statute

Hundreds of signatories, including foundation networks across Europe, representatives of foundations and NGOs, universities and individuals from over 30 countries are calling on EU Member States to give their backing to the European Foundation Statute in a recent open letter to EU Presidency countries.

EU finance ministers fail to agree on common bank rules

The European Union finance ministers could not come to an agreement on new bank rules for bank restructurings in the member countries..

The ERT saga in Greece

Since June 11th, millions of Greek viewers and listeners both in Greece and abroad, have been denied.


Europe is ignoring its huge bank losses

Just consider the sheer number and extent of the accumulated crises in which European lenders have managed to lose money in recent years

Europe must assist its young unemployed

The answer to the jobs crisis is as simple as it is difficult to implement: reignite economic growth but without the old tool of deficit spending

Cyprus-Greece pipeline may get ?EU financing?

A proposed gas pipeline to link Greek Cyprus to Crete and then Greece or Italy

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