The 21st Day in #OccupyTurkey. Protests more or less calming down while the gov’t threatens to bring troops…

Abbasağa Park, Beşiktaş, 17 June 2013. Citizens’ Forum.

Police is ?Working on? Twitter, Interior Minister Says

Reminding that 3 policemen were suspended within an investigation and announcing today?s general strikes as ?illegal?, Interior Minister Muammer Güler said they are working on social media.

Turkish trade unions call for strike

Workers urged to leave jobs on Monday afternoon and converge on Taksim Square, scene of weeks of anti-government protests

Turkish trade unions urged their members to walk out of work on Monday and join demonstrations in response to a widespread police crackdown against activists following weeks of street protests.

MAIN FOCUS: Erdoğan strikes back with violence | 17/06/2013

Security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets to clear roughly 10,000 people from Istanbul‘s Gezi Park on Saturday night. The demonstrators then set up new barricades and spontaneous rallies took place across the country. Erdoğan’s brutal show of force has made an end to the protests all the more unlikely, commentators write, but point out that most Turkish citizens are not on the demonstrators’ side.

MAIN FOCUS: Erdoğan has rebellion quashed | 12/06/2013

Security forces cleared Taksim Square by force on Tuesday, using water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets against the demonstrators. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has discredited himself entirely with his autocratic behaviour, commentators write, putting little hope in the announced talks between the prime minister and his opponents.

What do #occupygezi Protesters Want? My Observations from Gezi Park

I have spent the last few days interviewing people in Istanbul?s Gezi Park protests as well as hanging out in the park, observing, chatting informally with everyone ranging from journalists to visitors to the park and occasionally getting massively tear gassed. My lungs continue to burn as I type this morning.

Merkel ‘appalled’ at Turkey’s clampdown on protests

German chancellor is ‘shocked’ at handling of unrest but does not call for suspension of talks on Turkey joining EU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she was shocked at Turkey’s tough response to anti-government protests but she stopped short of demanding that the EU call off accession talks with the candidate country.

Turkey and the neo-Ottoman approach to human rights

Erdoğan is trying to carve out a role for Turkey as the protector of the rights of Muslims worldwide while punishing dissent within its own borders. Translations: EspañolTürk.

Since the Arab awakening, Turkey?s working democracy and the significantly decreased role of the army in the public sphere have made it a model for many of its neighbors. Western business and policy circles were happy to see a market-friendly leader who could potentially inspire the disgruntled Muslim populations in the world. But the heavy-handed attempts by the government of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan to blast peaceful protesters off the streets using tear gas and water cannon in recent weeks exposes Turkey to accusations of hypocrisy such as those that are often leveled at the US.

Erdoğan?s election strategy could set Turkey on fire (Opinion)

Prime Minister Erdoğan seems to have chosen a policy of high tension. By escalating his Islamic discourse, he is targeting the next election. But he is also putting his own supporters on a collision course with urban and educated young Turks, writes Zeynep Göğüş.

Istanbul in lockdown

Another sleepless night in Istanbul as thousands of people take to the streets to oppose Erdogan’s increasingly brutal regime.

Protestors took to the streets against the government after police forcibly evicted them from Gezi Park following days of demonstrations.Miguel Carminati/Demotix

Turkish force, lies and videotape: repression on three fronts

The Turkish state seems to be determined to repress ongoing and expanding  popular revolts largely by using a combination of three strategies: police force, propaganda and social media too.

Istanbul: Gezi Park silent after protesters dispersed ? video

Gezi Park in Istanbul is empty on Monday for the first time in 18 days after police dispersed anti-government protesters

One of the murdered protesters….

Turkey?s Growing Pains

The International Herald Tribune (USA) Friday, June 14, 2013, p. 6 By Graham E. Fuller * There are many reasons why the protests in Turkey are worlds apart from the Arab Spring, writes Graham E. Fuller. The discontent reflects the maturing democratic discourse. It?s easy to characterize the disorders in Istanbul?s Gezi Park and elsewhere
Turkey could deploy army to quell protests, deputy prime minister says

For the first time since the unrest began over two weeks ago, Bulent Arinc raises the possibility that the military may take a role in putting an end to the popular protests across Turkey.
Europe criticizes Turkey as unions strike

ISTANBUL, Turkey, June 17 (UPI) — As Turkey faced mounting criticism from the European Union over its handling of protests in Istanbul, Turkish unions went on strike Monday.
Analysis: Turkey tumult and its consequences

Some observers say weeks of demonstrations could benefit the AKP’s grip on power, but others call it a game-changer
Tear gas fired in Turkey hotel

ISTANBUL, Turkey – Police fired tear gas inside a hotel being used as a protest base late Saturday as authorities forcefully cleared Taksim Square ahead of a Sunday rally by the ruling AK Party.
?Police Violence? Application to Council of Europe

Bar Associations Union of Turkey announced today that it will do a series of application international institutions regarding the judicial and administrative investigations on volunteer doctors by health ministry officials and excessive police force.
Turkey: End the incommunicado detention of Istanbul protesters

Police in Turkey are refusing to acknowledge that they have people in custody following mass detentions carried out during the night in Istanbul. June 16, 2013 International Police in Turkey are refusing to acknowledge that they have people in custody following mass detentions carried out during the night in Istanbul, Amnesty International said today.    read more
Article | Turkey?s False Nostalgia

Mavi Boncuk |Op-Ed Contributor
Turkey?s False Nostalgia
By EDHEM ELDEM[1]Published: June 16, 2013ISTANBUL ? THE demonstrators who have filled the streets of Istanbul and other Turkish cities for nearly three weeks complain that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan?s Justice and Development Party, known as the A.K.P., has adopted an increasingly authoritarian attitude that threatens basic freedoms. They also resent his tendency to meddle in the personal lives of citizens ? by condemning abortion or trying to control the sale and consumption of alcohol.
Turkey turmoil could lead to new flash points

Police cleared Istanbul streets as Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan rallied his backers on Sunday.
L?AKP ou l?impossible alternance

Libération (France) vendredi 14 juin 2013, p. 22 Benjamin Gourisse * Alors que le bilan des altercations en Turquie s?alourdit de jour en jour (4 morts et près de 5000 blessés), la reprise de la place Taksim par les forces de l?ordre et les déclarations du Premier ministre affirmant que le gouvernement ne montrerait plus
«Le pouvoir cherche à délégitimer la contestation»

Tribune de Genève (Suisse) samedi-dimanche 15-16 juin 2013, p. 3 Olivier Bot Deux semaines après l?irruption d?une contestation du pouvoir par la rue, une politologue d?Istanbul analyse le rapport de force et l?avenir du mouvement. L?évacuation en force de la place Taksim, à Istanbul, et la perspective d?un possible référendum évoquée par Erdogan, concernant l?aménagement
Turkish police confiscate piano used to serenade Taksim Square protesters

Davide Martello, who staged 14-hour recitals during the unrest, says officials seized his piano as part of their raid on Gezi Park

Turkish police have reportedly confiscated a piano that was being used to serenade Istanbul’s protesters. Davide Martello claims that officials seized his grand piano as part of Saturday’s raid on Gezi Park.

Nationwide strike in Turkey; tear gas in residential areas

ISTANBUL, Turkey, June 17 (UPI) — Turkish unions went on strike Monday to protest attacks on anti-government marchers as police used tear gas to drive activists from Istanbul residential areas.
Police Storm Park in Istanbul, Setting Off a Night of Chaos

After 18 days of protests, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered his riot police to storm Gezi Park. As people fled the tear gas and water cannons, the police pursued them in the streets.
In Turkey protests, army is conspicuously absent

The anti-government demos sweeping Turkey have sent thousands of angry protesters into the streets, facing off against tear-gas firing riot police. It’s the worst unrest to rock Turkey in years, but the country’s once all-powerful army is nowhere to be seen.
Is Paternalism Winning Or Dying?

Edhem Eldhem has a sensible, straight-talking piece on the New York Times Opinion Page in which he argues that ?the new egalitarian discourses rising from Gezi Park risk being drowned out in the clamor of an outdated political struggle.? Excerpts:

Turkey?s False Nostalgia

Turkey?s past is no model for a democratic future. Earlier leaders, including Ataturk, were just as authoritarian as Erdogan
These won?t be Turkey?s last protests

The Washington Post (USA) Sunday June 16, 2013, p. B5 By Soli Özel * Prof. Soli Özel says the Gezi Park demonstrations reveal a new, liberal Turkish identity. The peppery smell of tear gas hung in the air of Istanbul?s Gezi Park when I walked through with my family just after midnight on Wednesday.

Istanbul Police Terror! German TV ZDF 15.06.2013 English subtitles

Valikonağı, Nişantaşı. 16 June 2013.

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