Welcome to Turkey whose citizens are the least happy among OECD nations… A Social fabric roundup…

Turks least happy among OECD nations

Turkey ranks worst among 26 OECD countries with regards to people?s happiness, and is failing to.

OECD slashes global growth forecasts

The OECD has cut its growth forecast for Turkey from 4.1 percent to 3.1 percent along with


?Conqueror? actor snubs celebrations for Taksim park protest

The lead actor in the Turkish film ?Fetih 1453: The Conquest of Constantinople? has refused

Why kissing is bad (but rape can be just fine)

Two years ago, the Prime Ministry?s department for family and social research carried out a survey of 5,765 students..


A kiss is not just a kiss in Turkey

Anyone who has watched the classic film ?Casablanca,? and only the most deprived of unfortunates


Women and the Wage Gap in Turkey

47.5 per cent of staff at the top five Turkish universities are female, but they tend to have significantly lower salaries than their male colleagues with similar experience. A recent Amnesty International essay by Howard Eissenstat on Turkey?s continuing gender gap gives this example, among others, with some interesting corroborating data.

Protestors in Ankara manage to go through with ?kissing action? despite police mobilization

Ankara residents, who bidded today to protest ‘moral warning’ in the local subway, managed to complete their scheduled ‘kissing action’ despite heavy police presence.

Asocial, shy kids not desired: Deputy PM

The state does not wish to raise a generation of ?shy, socially incapable? children…


Nazmiye Hanım, a special lady, passes away

The real boss of Süleyman Demirel?s private life, the queen of Güniz Street No: 31, passed away silently

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