15 high schools kids are sued allegedly insulting PM Erdoğan… EFD Rights Watch

?Lightbulb Tayyip? Slogan Sued Again

17 individuals including 15 high school students in the northwestern province of Bursa have been sued over shouting the slogan ?Lightbulb Tayyip? to protest the exam system


Releases needed in coup plot cases, too?

Releasing the arrested suspects in the alleged coup plot cases Balyoz (Sledgehammer) and Ergenekon is crucial for achieving social peace

Security forces tipped off about Reyhanlı plot 3 days before attack: Prosecutors

Turkish security forces received a tip that a terrorist attack was being planned in Reyhanlı three days before deadly bombings on May 11 that killed 52.

?Impossibility to use just maiden name is discriminatory?

The European Court of Human Rights found Turkey guilty of violating prohibition of discrimination, stating that impossibility for married women to use just their maiden name is discriminatory.

Drink at home, PM tells booze regulation critics

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has advised members of the Turkish public.

Pepper Gas Intervention in “Return to Life” Case Hearing

Gendarmerie forces intervened a discussion between police officers and family members of defendants who are standing trial over the Operation ?Return to Life? at Ümraniye Prison, spraying pepper gas and locking family members down in the courtroom.


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