Construction plans for Zeytinburnu Istanbul skyscrapers canceled not because of environmental reasons but some authorities criticised…

Construction plans for Istanbul skyscrapers canceled

Construction plans for Istanbul skyscrapers canceled. The building permit and construction plans of the skyscrapers in Zeytinburnu Kazlicesme, which Prime Minister Erdogan criticized for their negative impact on Istanbul’s historic landscape, have been

an istanbul news roundup:

Top Istanbul Street Foods

As rapidly as Istanbul marches toward its modern destiny, street food in this city is still served the old-fashioned way, by boisterous ustas with a good pitch and, sometimes, a really good product. When the bars close, hungry Istanbulites cruise the streets looking for the gas lamp of a rice cart or listening for the call of a sucuk griller, on whom they pounce in a feeding frenzy. As informal as the dining may be, there is an irreplaceable human element ? respect ? at street food stalls and carts around the city. We like to celebrate these tasty Istanbul street eats and support the ustas who serve them, because, to us, there is no kebab without a real, live kebapçı serving it. Here?s our (highly subjective) look at four of Istanbul?s best purveyors of street food.

Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk to be audio guide at the Museum of Innocence

The Museum of Innocence, eponymously named for Turkish Nobel Laureate.

Tear Gas Becomes a Norm in Taksim

Today’s most popular video on Turkish social media is a satirical short about recent political demonstrations in Taksim and how the police stopped them violently.


Produced by an NGO called Pangea Kultur, this viral video imagines the famous nostalgic tram of Taksim with a twist.

Huge operation against ?theft gang? in Istanbul

Some 26 people including two women were detained early today in simultaneous police raids

Istanbul gets its minor Disney by Golden horn

The biggest entertainment park in Istanbul, Vialand, has opened its doors with.

Kanal İstanbul, at all costs

Hurriyet Daily News

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced in Washington during his speech at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce while addressing Turkish and American businesspeople that the tender for Kanal Istanbul, the project he defines as the ?crazy project,? will


Istanbul 2020 Plays Role In Youth Day Celebrations

State ceremonies and sports events were staged nationwide Sunday in Istanbul with the Istanbul2020 bid playing a prominent role in the celebration of Youth and Sports Day, one of the world’s only national holidays created to help make sport and


5 Top Experiences In Istanbul | Zagat Blog

Ottoman mosques, legendary waterways, and funky nightlife?you can spend weeks absorbing one of Europe’s most exciting cities, the only one belonging to


kanal istanbul

hayatım boyunca duyduğum en saçma projedir. pardon en saçma üçüncü projedir. ilk ikisi için (bkz: peluş hayvanat bahçesi), (bkz: adana havadan dev pervanelerle serinletilecek).gerekçelerimi madde madde sıralayayım.


9 Popular (Mis)Conceptions About Istanbul

Huffington Post

In many other ways Istanbul is supremely organized. Ride an escalator and pedestrians will stand obediently to the right, leaving the left lane free for those in a hurry. Ride the tram or subway and watch as commuters stand willingly aside while

Istanbul To Break Ground On Green-Roofed Office Park


In its continuing efforts to modernize with large, mixed-use commercial and residential projects, the city of Istanbul, Turkey, is planning to begin construction on a massive office complex on a hilly site in the Kagithane Gardens district, covered .

Exhibit sheds light on 150 years of Istanbul’s education institute

Hurriyet Daily News

The long history of one of Istanbul’s oldest educational institutions, Robert College, is being displayed at a new exhibition organized by the Istanbul Research Institute. The exhibition is being held to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first

Istanbul tops the list with most rape cases in Turkey

Over 1,480 lawsuits were filed in Istanbul over rape incidents in 2011, giving

Salıpazarı shopping mall project canceled after controversies

Environment and Urban Planning Minister Bayraktar announced that the Salıpazarı shopping mall project had been cancelled due to the controversies it stirred.

Istanbul’s silhouette-spoiling skyskrapers may be torn down after court verdict

A court has ruled that the three skyscrapers spoiling Istanbul’s historic silhouette must be torn down, but the owners of the buildings say they may appeal the ruling.

Worldwide Right Organizations Meet in Istanbul

Bringing together 156 organizations from more than 120 countries, 38th International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) Congress kicked off yesterday with the keynote addresses of Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay and FIDH President Souhayr Belhassen.

Arat: Istanbul bid to host the 2020 Olympic is about building bridges

The Star Online

PARIS: Istanbul winning the right to host the 2020 Olympic Games would help bridge the gap between different cultures and religions, the bid’s chief executive Hasan Arat told AFP. Arat, a former top level basketball player turned successful businessman

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar Hums Along


I enjoyed updating our Istanbul guidebook’s Grand Bazaar chapter. While the main streets of the vast market are jam-packed with cruise groups and other tourists, explore into the back lanes and you find yourself far from the tourist scene. I was able

Istanbul Has Its Act Together

Huffington Post

While I was in Cairo, I kept thinking the Egyptians should check out Istanbul. Both are megacities with over 10 million people. Both come from a poor and chaotic recent history. While Cairo struggles,Istanbul is zooming ahead. Just driving into town .


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