Towards SOPA vote: Wikipedia Mulls Total Blackout… a cyberculture roundup…

Wikipedia Mulls Total Blackout to Oppose SOPA

by ErnestoLater this week, the Senate?s House Judiciary Committee will vote on the ?Stop Online Piracy Act? (SOPA).
Supporters of the bill say it?s needed to safeguard the interests of rightsholders who claim their businesses are threatened by online piracy. Those opposing are worried that the unprecedented censorship tools it introduces will take out many websites on baseless or faulty claims of copyright infringement.

Belgian ISPs vs. Internet Freedom

by parker
Last September, in a case initiated by the Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation (BAF), an Antwerp Court of Appeals ordered two major fixed broadband providers (Telenet and Belgacom) to block access to the Pirate Bay at theDNS level. In November, the BAF sent a letter to other Belgian ISPs, threatening legal action unless they also blocked access to the Pirate Bay.

Hilary Clinton tells world leaders, “hands off the Internet”; US government prepares its own censorship regime

by Cory Doctorow

Hillary Clinton’s in The Hague, telling world leaders not to censor the Internet.

Mrs. Clinton, in her remarks, also cited efforts by countries to change the way the Internet ? now largely self-regulated and globally interconnected ? is governed. Although she did not name the countries, Russia, China, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan introduced a draft resolution at the United Nations this year that would allow greater government control over the Internet in individual countries. The United States opposes the resolution.

Old news is good news: how Facebook is breathing new life into old stories

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Katherine Travers

News today is all about being first; ‘real time’ is king; users want the latest information in the quickest possible time delivered straight to their mobile device so they are constantly kept abreast of unfolding world events. Right?

Digital Mastery: the rise and rise of The Economist

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Hannah Vinter

Once upon a time, people may have stereotyped of The Economist as a dry, formal publication, which aged company executives would leaf through in their dusty studies. But if those days ever existed, they are certainly confined to the past now.

9 Social Media Uprisings That Sought to Change the World in 2011

4 Ways the New Twitter Is Taking on Facebook

by Sarah Kessler

The New Twitter: Everything You Need to Know

by Peter Pachal

Twitter is dead. Long live, Twitter!
The Internet?s most popular microblogging service got a major upgrade today, rolling out a brand-new look and a bunch of new features. The update is the most comprehensive and wide-ranging change Twitter?s ever done, revamping its website, its apps for both iOS and Android, and even its recently acquired social-media integrator, TweetDeck. Here?s a closer look at what Twitter?s done and why.

New Twitter HQ Shows Big Ambitions, Rooftop Garden

by Sam Laird

New Twitter: 25 Tips and Tricks for Savvy Tweeters

by Brian Anthony Hernandez

1 thought on “Towards SOPA vote: Wikipedia Mulls Total Blackout… a cyberculture roundup…”

  1. I was just in Brussels and had the irritation of Belgian internet censorship. It’s like China’s great firewall ten years ago, and took all of a few seconds to bypass using anonymous.

    The implementation is pathetic, but it was an uneasy feeling to use the same tools in Brussels that I last used in China .


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