Busy Friday Night in Istanbul. Death Angel concert. Derby btw GS-FB. Istanbul Shopping Fest starts.


This super thrash metal band, Death Angel, comes to Istanbul for the first time and that’s definitely my top priority tonight.
Yer: Old School Rock Bar
Tarihler: 18.03.2011~18.03.2011
Telefon: 0212 292 98 17
Adres: Atıf Yılmaz Cad. (Ağa Cami Sokağı) No: 17 Kat: 2 Beyoğlu Istanbul
Bilet Ücreti: Ayakta: 45,00 TL
Nereden Alırım: Biletix.com, Biletix Gişeleri, Biletix Çağrı Merkezi: 0216 556 98 00, Old School Rock Bar

File:Death angel saunaopenair2010.jpg


Hürriyet photo
Rampant Fenerbahçe wary of wounded Lion in Istanbul derby
Hurriyet Daily News
After the derby, Fenerbahçe will take on Bursaspor, Eskişehirspor and Gaziantepspor respectively, three of the best sides in the league after the top two. Should Fenerbahçe maintain its perfect record over that period, it will match the record for the

Istanbul Shopping Fest Starts Friday, March 18
Focus on Travel News
Istanbul Shopping Fest (ISF), which is an annual festival that will enable İstanbul to become the shopping, culture and entertainment center of the world, is starting Friday, 18 March 2011 at Istinye Park shopping center. Istanbul Shopping Fest will

Filmmor Women’s Film Festival kicks off in Istanbul

from Hurriyet Dailynews by ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
Female directors from around the world will be the guest of a Turkish festival with their films on women. The ninth International Filmmor Women?s Film Festival starts Saturday in Istanbul and will move to Van and Trabzon after the screenings in the city. The festival will also feature workshops and photography exhibitions for and about women

İstanbul preparing for cinematic spring as fest marks 30th year
Today’s Zaman
Hungarian director Bela Tarr is one of the recipients of the 30th İstanbul film festival’s cinema honors. Turkey’s big cities shake off the laziness of cold winter with major festivals each year with the arrival of spring and one of the oldest and most

Turkey’s one migrant destination: Istanbul
Hurriyet Daily News
Internal migration to Istanbul tripled last year after a static period, with many of the new arrivals coming from the Black Sea region, as opposed to previous waves that were predominantly from the East and Southeast Anatolia. According to figures from



Traffic takes toll on Istanbul’s families, economy alike, expert says
Hurriyet Daily News
An expert analyzes how traffic affects people’s lives, especially those of families, noting many Istanbul residents are stuck in traffic at least two or three hours a day. According to Sidney Rasekh, traffic harms not only a city’s economy

Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul and its cultural attache
Hurriyet Daily News
Four years ago the Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul Hotel embarked on a special mission to support art and culture. With the full approval of Henri Blin, the general manager, Çırağan opened an art gallery. In 2008, the hotel appointed Ayse Sipahioğlu

I photographed you from a minaret, oh beloved İstanbul
Today’s Zaman
After teaching in Van for a while, Kurt was assigned to a teaching post in İstanbul, the magical city that inspires so many artists, and there the city started appearing in Hakan Bey’s soul. It was at this point that the following words from his

Marmaray excavations unearthed another museum for İstanbul
The world’s largest sunken ship museum will be established in İstanbul thanks to finds from the Port of Theodosius dating back to the fourth century, which was discovered in Yenikapı during excavations in the Marmaray project, an undersea commuter

Nublu Jazz festival comes to Istanbul for second time
Hurriyet Daily News
The first Nublu Jazz Festival took place in New York in 2009 and since then has extended to three metropolises on three continents: Istanbul, Sao Paolo and New York. The festival will stage exclusive meetings and new musicians this year


Officials reveal route for undersea Istanbul tunnel

from Hurriyet Dailynews by ISTANBUL – Daily News with Milliyet
Officials have announced the route for Istanbul?s Eurasia tunnel, which will connect the city?s European and Asian sides underwater. The tunnel to go under the Bosphorus sea floor will be 5.4 kilometers long between the two continents. However, some parts of the tunnel project will affect or relocate important spots, including a bus depot

Paris museum publishes book on İstanbul
Today’s Zaman
The Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, an architecture museum in the French capital, has published a book dedicated to İstanbul, news agencies reported over the weekend. Titled ?İstanbul: Portrait of a City,? the book is the joint effort o

Signs of Hope in Istanbul | Michael Kaufman
By Michael Kaufman
As I was just in Istanbul for a few days of work ? during an unusual March week of wet snow and pummeling winds ? I wanted to tell you about the type of thing that should fill us all with a bit of hope

List of International & Local Festivals n Istanbul

from Istanbul-pedia by Ali Akpinar
İstanbul, a cultural center of the east and west, hosts many local and international festivals every year. Some of the most well-known festivals are International İstanbul Film Festival, Theatre Festival, Music Festival, Jazz Festival, Efes Pilsen Blues Festival, İstanbul Poetry Festival?   International İstanbul Short Film Festival www.istanbulfilmfestival.com International İstanbul Tango Festival www.istanbultangofestival.com International İstanbul […]


Turkish and Armenian dancers meet on Istanbul stage

from Hurriyet Dailynews by ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
Turkey?s renowned dance and theater group Shaman and Armenian dance troupe Maral, which is made up of Istanbul?s Armenian dancers, will take the stage together with 90 dancers to present a show called ?Istanbulluys.? ?We shall not highlight our identities. Our two friendly groups will share the same stage, just like in Anatolia,? says Shaman?s General Art Director Murat Uygun

Retail therapy: Istanbul ShoppingFest begins March 18
by Meg Nesterov (RSS feed) on Mar 16th 2011 at 3:30PM Every year, many people visit Istanbul to shop in the historic Grand Bazaar to haggle over carpets, Turkish tea glasses, and souvenir t-shirts. But most locals do their shopping in Istanbul’s many

Istanbul was Constantinople…
Gazette Live
Well, apparently three changes of name, but actually within a far shorter time span than Istanbul. As every school boy knows (or should know) Istanbul was previously known in this country as Constantinople until early in the 20th Century, although the

Controversial shopping mall in Istanbul to open with one illegal floor
Hurriyet Daily News
A shopping mall opened Thursday in central Istanbul with one illegally constructed floor, and experts said the district municipality and the renovation board should be held responsible for flouting the law. Istanbul’s 2nd Renovation Board decided in


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