A report claims: 657,000 trees to be cut for Istanbul?s third airport. Istanbul news roundup…

657,000 trees to be cut for Istanbul?s third airport from Hurriyet Daily News A total of 657,000 of trees will be cut down for Istanbul?s third airport construction, according to a report.     Russian culture highlighted in Istanbul at first festival Hurriyet Daily News Istanbul is hosting the first Russian Culture Festival, starting from … Read more

Busy Friday Night in Istanbul. Death Angel concert. Derby btw GS-FB. Istanbul Shopping Fest starts.

This super thrash metal band, Death Angel, comes to Istanbul for the first time and that’s definitely my top priority tonight. Yer: Old School Rock Bar Tarihler: 18.03.2011~18.03.2011 21:00 Telefon: 0212 292 98 17 Adres: Atıf Yılmaz Cad. (Ağa Cami Sokağı) No: 17 Kat: 2 Beyoğlu Istanbul Bilet Ücreti: Ayakta: 45,00 TL Nereden Alırım: Biletix.com, … Read more