Efes One Love Case: Conservative Islamists joins forces with mob power and local authorities

This week we have witnessed one of the most concrete cases of how Islamic conservatives are aiming to destroy others’ life styles and attempting to grow their hegemony over public. While we were about to attend Efes Pilsen One Love festival that has been regularly organized at santralistanbul, Eyüp, Istanbul, for 5 years, we have … Read more

Fréderike Geerdink explains “How to manage your money in Istanbul” and Istanbul news roundup follows…

How to manage your money in Istanbul from Journalist in Turkey, background articles, news and weblog about by Fréderike Geerdink Loads of small change in your pocket, paying with notes in bigger shops and never, never paying with a 50 lira note in a taxi? Congrats, that?s the way to do it in Istanbul! If … Read more

Happy news for Istanbulites. Red Hot Chili Peppers will be in town on Sept 8. An Istanbul news roundup

AND THE CONCERT WILL TAKE PLACES at Santral istanbul, right at my campus;) via Red Hot Chili Peppers Happening: Istanbul Film Festival by Acturca Financial Times (USA Ed) Wednesday, March 28, 2012, p. 11 Arts What : New Turkish films and Hollywood movies at Turkey?s biggest cinema event. When : March 31-April 15. Where : … Read more

Istanbul under the spell of Ramadan. An Istanbul news roundup…

I should be wandering around to actually observe what goes on but let me have some peace of mind back in Erikli here… Ramadan?s Iftar: The Break Fast of Champions from Istanbul Eats by admin Ramadan drummer of Istanbul hopes the beat will go on from World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk Drummers fear for future … Read more

for Istanbul, Ricky made it, Amy could not… Istanbul news roundup…

A few days back, Rick Martin fans were happy to listen to Ricky Martin in Istanbul. However, great expectation to see Amy Winehouse could not be met. I am sorry for Amy herself, I wish her quick recovery. Amy Winehouse Meltdown Caught on YouTube [VIDEO] by Christina Warren   here are some Istanbul news:   … Read more

Warhol comes to town…. -and in Istanbul news roundup-

The show centers on the famous artist?s films and polaroids, which are coming to Turkey?s largest city for the first time ?Displaying works that captured the beauty of the glamorous in the everyday, Istanbul?s Galerist is hosting a much-anticipated exhibition of iconic 20th-century artist Andy Warhol throughout June. ************ 3-Day Vigil in the Heart of … Read more

Planking mania arrives at Istanbul… an Istanbul news roundup

Planking in Istanbul from Hurriyet Dailynews by ISTANBUL – Daily News A new Internet craze called ‘planking,’ in which a person lays face-down with arms at their sides in unusual places and has their photograph taken, has hit Istanbul. Bathhouse of Sultan’s favorite reopens in Istanbul Reuters An attendant walks past a customer receiving a … Read more

An Istanbul photos exhibition at the Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church in Istanbul. and an Istanbul news roundup

Istanbul Seen Through the Eyes of Armenian Photographers Hetq Online A photo exhibition entitled “We Love Your Istanbul from the 19 Century till Today”, has recently opened at the Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church in the Istanbul neighbourhood of Beyoglu. On display are the works of sixteen Armenians who have lived Be Muslim for a … Read more

Manu Chao will be in Istanbul but tickets already sold out, damn!

Manu Chao, bedecked in a Galatasaray jersey, plays a set during his previous Istanbul stop in 2002.   Manu Chao’s Istanbul dates sell out in record time leaving fans upset İstanbul through the eyes of St. Petersburg journalists Today’s Zaman The Association for Business and Friendship between the Russian Federation and Turkey (RUTİD) recently published … Read more

Busy Friday Night in Istanbul. Death Angel concert. Derby btw GS-FB. Istanbul Shopping Fest starts.

This super thrash metal band, Death Angel, comes to Istanbul for the first time and that’s definitely my top priority tonight. Yer: Old School Rock Bar Tarihler: 18.03.2011~18.03.2011 21:00 Telefon: 0212 292 98 17 Adres: Atıf Yılmaz Cad. (Ağa Cami Sokağı) No: 17 Kat: 2 Beyoğlu Istanbul Bilet Ücreti: Ayakta: 45,00 TL Nereden Alırım: Biletix.com, … Read more

Istanbul’s 10-day independent film marathon has already started:)

The festival will run from Feb. 17 to 27 in Istanbul and from March 2 to 6 in Ankara. !f Istanbul celebrates decade of independent film by ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News The 10th !f istanbul AFM International Independent Film Festival starts Thursday in Istanbul. The festival will continue through Feb. 27 in the city and … Read more

Istanbul news roundup: Istanbul Fashion Week ended…

… and Erkan’s only connection with the Fashion Week was that it took place in santralistanbul, my own campus, and I had to park far away as our usual parking lot was used of IFW. photo via Istanbul Fashion Week ends with flair Hurriyet Daily News Istanbul Fashion Week, held Thursday to Sunday, concluded with … Read more

PRI reports the obvious: “Istanbul’s world heritage sites in neglect

Istanbul’s world heritage sites in neglect PRI’s The World It was no real surprise, perhaps ? Istanbul is an archaeological treasure trove, with historic sites from the Hippodrome of Byzantine times to the Ottoma Transport takes lion’s share of İstanbul Municipality budget Today’s Zaman The İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, led by Mayor Kadir Topbaş, has released a … Read more

the Guardian declares Istanbul as the new party capital of Europe!

Nightlife in Beyoglu, which is now home to boutique hotels, fusion eateries and world music clubs. Photograph: Carsten Koall/Getty Images Istanbul thrives as the new party capital of Europe from World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk The Golden Horn is booming as the world’s most dynamic city transforms its skyline and artists and students help make … Read more

UNESCO rebuke is immediate for Istanbul

Istanbul issues SOS to avoid UNESCO rebuke Hurriyet Daily News Following a series municipal developments that have endangered Istanbul?s cultural heritage, UNESCO has threatened to de-list the city if it does not rapidly implement a number of amendments to reverse its current policies. While some academics say Istanbul is no longer able to look after … Read more