Such disgrace… Turkey’s Constitutional Court finally calls for Turkey to lift block #Wikipedia…

Jimmy Wales in Turkey again. via

Wikipedia ban: Top court calls for Turkey to lift block

The Constitutional Court rules that the country’s block on accessing Wikipedia is unconstitutional.
Constitutional Court says Wikipedia ban is violation of rights

Turkey’s Constitutional Court ruled against the ban on access to Wikipedia, saying that it violates rights and freedom
Two years ago, Turkey banned Wikipedia after the site refused to remove content tying the country to terrorist groups. That decision was reversed today in the nation’s highest court, which called the ruling a violation of freedom of expression, and o…


Google suspends Android licenses in Turkey following hefty fine

Duvar English

Google has suspended licenses for the use of its software on Android smart phones sold in Turkey following a massive fine issued to the company last year.

The Habertürk daily reported that Android telephones purchased in Turkey after December 12 will not be licensed to use Google software such as Google Search, Google Play, Youtube, and Gmail, rendering these services unusable in Turkey on Android phones.

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