#TurkeyElections – For taxi driver votes, Turkish government seems to have killed another global business, Uber, in Turkey [going after Booking.com, PayPal and -not for profit- Wikipedia…

Legal blows to Uber raise taxi plate prices in Istanbul Hurriyet Daily News The average price of a taxicab license plate in Istanbul has increased 6.6 percent in just two days, after the city municipality declared its support for the government’s new regulation to prevent “illegal passenger transportation,” particularly aimed at Uber drivers. Uber ‘is over’ in … Read more

#Cyberculture agenda: “Inside Uber’s Aggressive, Unrestrained Workplace Culture

Inside Uber’s Aggressive, Unrestrained Workplace Culture New York Times – Mike Isaac – Feb 22, 4:31 PM Until this week, this culture was only whispered about in Silicon Valley. Then on Sunday, Susan Fowler, an engineer who left Uber in December, published a blog post about her time at the company. She detailed a history … Read more

It seems that Turkey declared war to Uber…

According to a new story at Hürriyet traffic police all over the country are warned by Ministry to fine Uber drivers and customers.  Uber drivers will be classified as pirate taxi services… On the other hand, Uber Turkey Twitter account stated they have all the required licences, all should be fine… We will see…    In … Read more

Filiz Taylan Yüzak @ftaylanyuzak): Londra’da Hayatta Kalma Rehberi

Londra’da Hayatta Kalma Rehberi İngiltere’ye ilk gelişim 2007’de, eğitim içindi. Daha önce turist olarak Avrupa’daki ülkelere gitmiştim ama buraya hiç gelmemiştim. Onun için okumak için gelip de uçaktan indiğimde adeta sudan çıkmış balık gibiydim. Baktım blogumdaki en popüler yazılarımdan ikisi İngiltere’de Günlük Hayat-1 ve İngiltere’de Günlük Hayat-2, ben de burada özellikle de öğrenci olarak ilk günler nasıl hayatta … Read more

Uber vs. Journalism

Why corporate investigations into journalists (and Boris’ article) are wrong  The Next Web by Roberto Baldwin Wow. How about that Uber right? Over the last few days the company has been caught using a tool that tracks users (including journalists) with apparently zero oversight. Uber investor and noted dingdong Ashton Kutcher: what’s so bad about investigating … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Now Uber at Germany’s target…

MAIN FOCUS: Uber ignores ban in Germany | 03/09/2014  euro|topics The ridesharing service Uber announced on Tuesday that it will continue operating in Germany despite a nationwide ban. In a lawsuit filed by representatives of the taxi sector, a court prohibited the company from using an app to connect customers with drivers of private vehicles. The right step … Read more