Uber vs. Journalism

Wow. How about that Uber right? Over the last few days the company has been caught using a tool that tracks users (including journalists) with apparently zero oversight.
Uber investor and noted dingdong Ashton Kutcher: what’s so bad about investigating “shady journalist” [sic]

…llowers who is also an investor in Uber, said something dumb on Twitter today. The Über investor came to Über’s defense on Twitter today after an exec at the ride-service
Uber launches internal investigation over privacy violation involving Buzzfeed reporter

Buzzfeed: “Uber said Tuesday that it is investigating its top New York executive for tracking a BuzzFeed News reporter without her permission in violation of what the transit giant
Uber investor Ashton Kutcher is cool with investigating ‘shady’ journalists

Ashton Kutcher kicked the hornets’ nest that is the Uber scandal on Wednesday with a series of tweets criticizing “shady” journalists. Kutcher weighed in on the controversy
Why the Uber exec’s ‘opposition researcher’ idea is actually pretty good

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about UberGate (if not, make sure you read Paul Sawers’ recap). Here’s the crux of the matter, in Paul’s words: The latest debacle from the Uber
Report: Uber probing New York City exec for tracking journalist

Uber is investigating its top New York City executive for using the company’s “God view” tool to track a journalist, according to a report. The exec, Josh Mohrer, is the general manager of
Uber can track your one-night stands

Image: Shutterstock Uber’s bad PR just got worse. Read the rest

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