From the Turkish cybersphere: Million dollar fundings to Turkey based-startups, Yandex projects in Turkey, CHP leader meets Ekşi Sözlük…

  Meanwhile, in Turkey: Flash sales site lands $5m, Airbnb clone HemenKiralik $2.5m Two Istanbul, Turkey-based startups have raised millions of dollars in funding as the local e-commerce market continues to grow rapidly. Yandex set to shift up gear in Turkey Russian search engine Yandex has decided to expand its presence in Turkey with … Read more

On May 15, the First major protest against increasing pressure on web users….

There will be a march against censorship on May 15. Three major web projects (Sansüre Sansür, ekşi sözlük ve  support the march as announced today… Turkey: Are Ankara Web Regulators Running Amok? |   Sour Times in Turkey from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White The censorship frenzy in Turkey has reached jaw-dropping proportions, … Read more

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