On May 15, the First major protest against increasing pressure on web users….

There will be a march against censorship on May 15. Three major web projects (Sansüre Sansür, ekşi sözlük ve bobiler.orgsupport the march as announced today…

Turkey: Are Ankara Web Regulators Running Amok? | EurasiaNet.org


Sour Times in Turkey

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White

The censorship frenzy in Turkey has reached jaw-dropping proportions, between prosecutions of writers and journalists and wholesale banning of websites. The latest victim is sourtimes.org (www.eksisozluk.com) whose host has just received an order to close it down. Sourtimes is a kind of Turkish-language Wicked-pedia, a collaborative dictionary where users add information, but where main goal is not unvarnished truth, but rather insight based on obscure detail and hilarious send-offs. I use Sourtimes to look up people, about whom the site has all kinds of interesting details contributed by users (here?s the entry on Jenny White). It is a useful resource and at the same time hilarious and sometimes scathing social satire. I suppose it was only a matter of time until the censors, who appear to have no sense of humor as well as no conscience, turned their ax to it.


Turkey slammed for ‘ridiculous’ Internet censorship

from Yahoo news
Turkey has announced measures to “protect families” from pornographic content. But civil society was quick to criticise what it saw as disguised Internet censorship and illegal or even “ridiculous” practices. EurActiv Turkey reports.


The Internet bans

from Hurriyet Dailynews by HDN
Turkey was ranked 71st in the World Economic Forum report on information and communication technologies, which covers 138 countries. 

Internet Freedom in Turkey: System Error

TİB?s ?forbidden words list? inconsistent with law, say Turkish web providers

from Yeni Medya by trlx

Erisa Dautaj Şenerdem

A request made Thursday by the Turkish Telecommunications Directorate, or TİB, to ban a total of 138 words from Turkish Internet domain names has no legal basis and has left companies unsure of what action to take, according to experts.

Doç. Dr. Akdeniz: ?Türkiye?nin internet politikaları AB yerine Çin?e uyumlu hale geliyor?

from Yeni Medya by trlx

İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesi öğretim üyesi ve Cyber-Rights.Org Direktörü Doç. Dr. Yaman Akdeniz, Türkiye?de internette sansürün geldiği nokta ve durumunun gidişatı ile ilgili EurActiv?e değerlendirmelerde bulundu. ?Türkiye?nin internet politikasının AB?ye yaklaşmaktan ziyade yavaş yavaş Çin politikalarına daha uyumlu bir hale gelmeye başladığını? belirten Akdeniz; site kapatmalar, erişim engelleri, ?yasaklı kelime? listeleri ve filtre kullanma zorunluluklarıyla, Türkiye?nin internet sansür altyapısının oluşturulmaya başlandığı değerlendirmesinde bulundu.

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